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Going2bamum Thu 06-Oct-11 16:17:10

hey can anyone tell me if this antibiotic is safe during breastfeeding? My gp says different to my midwife???
My baby is only 14 days old and I have this infection has anyone else taken it???

zen1 Thu 06-Oct-11 20:07:24

Hi, I was prescribed this for a post-birth infection and was told different things. I ended up ringing the pharmacy of the hospital where I gave birth and they said at the dose I was prescribed, it was safe. However, it really does depend on the dose I think, so the best person to speak to would be a pharmacist (or contact the ward where you gave birth and they should be able to advise.). I was told that they use this antibiotic a lot for post birth infections and most people are able to breastfeed. Good luck

Going2bamum Thu 06-Oct-11 22:24:25

Thanks I'm taking 400 mg 3 x a day for 7 days! I'll ring the hospital tomorrow !

I took that dose when BFing.

Who is saying it is safe, and who is saying it isn't?

Going2bamum Thu 06-Oct-11 23:27:37

A book the gp referred to says avoid breastfeeding but pharmacy said would be ok?

thisisyesterday Thu 06-Oct-11 23:32:43

gp's often err on the side of caution, the book may be old, or it may have said not to because there isn't enough data.. that doesn't mean it is unsafe.

i would trust the pharmacist

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