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GUM clinic?

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embarrassedandneedhelp Thu 06-Oct-11 14:57:03

testing name change

embarrassedandneedhelp Thu 06-Oct-11 15:05:22

Sorry about that!

Have name changed for this and just wanted to test.

I have been involved in a relationship which has now ended. Protection was used at the start but as the relationship went on we got lax (I have a coil). Relationship was on and off for 2 years and I haven't been involved with anyone else in this time, and nor has he, to the best of my knowledge.

I have now found out this person's past lifestyle was, to put it mildly, dodgy and am now worried that I may have picked up an STI or worse.

Can anyone give me an advice on how I should go about being tested? I'd rather not go to my usual GP if I can help it. Can I just turn up at a GUM clinic anonymously? Will they ask me loads of questions I'll be uncomfortable about answering? Will they do just a standard range of tests, or will I have to be clear about what I want to be tested for? (I don't even know).

I'm 38 and should know better. I know I've been stupid so you don't need to tell me, believe me I do know! Feeling very vulnerable and more than a bit scared.

Thanks for reading

Bugsy2 Thu 06-Oct-11 15:09:28

Somewhere in your area there should be an STD clinic. Sometimes they are attached to hospitals, sometimes they are stand alone. You can go there & give any old name, nothing is passed on to your GP, unless you want it to be & then you phone up & get the results.

MavisHusbandsBosworth Thu 06-Oct-11 15:13:28

You can just turn up however my local Clinic will also make an appointment for you. The Nurse/Dr will ask a lot of questions, not to judge or embarrass you but in order to get an accurate history and therefore help you as best they can.

They will ask you what you want to be tested for but also suggest that you're tested for 'most things' (I would suggest you get tested for everything ie peace of mind and all).

I have attended a few times (for example I once managed to bruise my cervix and went to the GUM Clinic instead of GP).

Find you nearest Clinic and simply give them a call. The Staff are used to people in your position and I've always found them to be professional and very helpful.


embarrassedandneedhelp Thu 06-Oct-11 15:14:40

Bugsy thanks so much for that information.

That's a huge relief to know it can all be done fairly anonymously. I don't know why that matters to me, but it does. But I guess the GP would have to be involved if the tests throw something up?

Have to go out now but will check the thread later. Will also google clinics in my area, and hopefully pluck up the courage to call tomorrow.

Thanks again smile

embarrassedandneedhelp Thu 06-Oct-11 15:16:18

Just saw your post Mavishusbands, thank you too!

It actually feels better just to have posted about this and got it off my chest!

Out the door now but will check back later.

Thank you!

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