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Dermoid cyst and fibroids -any advice?

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mycatunderstandsme Thu 06-Oct-11 12:50:57

I'm wondering whether anyone else has had similar problems to me.

Over a year ago I had some abdominal pain -I had a scan and a degenerating fibroid was found. The pain then went away but has been coming back then going again for the last year.

I had another scan in April and a small cyst was found on my ovary but it wasn't mentioned as anything to worry about.

Then in July I had another Ca125 blood test which was raised to 73. I then had an MRI scan which showed a 5.5cm dermoid cyst and 3 fibroids-one of which is on a stalk and outside the uterus. From July to September I have had daily severe pain and the consultant recommended removal of the cyst and ovary via laparotomy and if I wanted it a hysterectomy to try to get rid of the pain as they couldn't be sure if it was the cyst or fibroids.

I decided on a hysterectomy and ovary/cyst removal but since then the pain has got much better. I'm still thinking of having the hysterectomy as I feel the pain is likely to come back but I'm worried I'm making the wrong decision.

I definitely need to get the ovary removed as they can't be sure whether the cyst is malignant until it's removed [although they suspect it is benign]. I also have endometriosis but the consultant hasn't really mentioned this-it was diagnosed years ago.

Has anyone any advice?

lookbutdonttouch Thu 06-Oct-11 13:37:06

Hello. I am no use about the fibroids I'm afraid.

Dermoid cyst wise, get it out. They can be very unpleasant.

You may or may not have to lose the ovary when they remove the cyst, it usually depends on what they find when they get in there iyswim..

Now, about the hysterectomy, how old are you? That is rather drastic unless of course the CA125 level has given them cause for concern or you are of an age to consider it anyway?? Or the fibroid issue (I repeat I know naff all about those sorry). Obviously if they get in there and see anything they dont like you could perhaps give consent for them to do it if required.

Dermoids are painful and can cause all sorts of problems. The pain can come and go and yes it will prob come back I would think.

I have had three now and looks I have more now and therefore I will be considering the hysterectomy as I have 'repeat offenders' ovary wise and cant keep having operations!

You could always get a second opinion from a diff consultant if you are unsure at all?


mycatunderstandsme Thu 06-Oct-11 14:14:13

Hi, thanks for your help.

I'm not sure whether it's the dermoid causing pain or the fibroids. I had pain before I had the dermoid so I think the fibroids may be causing it but no-one knows for sure. I also have incredibly painful periods. My GP thinks I should go for the hysterectomy.

I'm worried if I just have the ovary removed [consultant says she thinks whole thing will have to come out] that the pain will still be there after! I'm also worried about the drastic nature of hysterectomy and that I might have complications after that.The consultant has been quite non-commital and says it's up to me.

If I didn't need an abdominal operation I would probably leave it a bit longer but obviously the cyst needs removing sooner rather than later.

I'm 43 by the way so they plan to leave one ovary if poss but this has a small cyst on it also so there's a small chance it may need to be removed.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 06-Oct-11 14:40:42

If you've been previously diagnosed with endometriosis it may be that which is causing the daily pain (endo can certainly cause painful periods to happen). A raised CA125 can be risen when endo is present as well.

If the hyst was being done primarily for endometriosis then the ovaries would need to be removed at the same time.

I would seek a second opinion from a cons gynae in your particular circumstances.

mycatunderstandsme Thu 06-Oct-11 17:25:05

Thanks Attila.
I definitely need to seek more info before the op as I will be stressed enough, without the worry of whether I'm having the right treatment!

I do like the consultant gynae I'm seeing and she has all my test results so I've just phoned her secretary and she is now making me an appointment to discuss again. Obviously if I still don't get any answers I will see someone else also.

She hasn't seen any evidence of my endo and it didn't show on the MRI so it has just been mentioned in passing really as a reason for raised CA125.

I will now make a list of questions to ask.

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