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preventing green snotfest & viral wipe-out - advice please!

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lightroom Thu 06-Oct-11 10:14:08

Getting a bit fed up with the green snotfest and associated debilitating viral blargh that comes along and stays around far too long - twice a year since I was a kid (and I'm almost 40). It's not a major health problem and I don't have any chronic underlying conditions - very, very lucky - but in April I was laid out for 6 weeks with post-viral blargh & other people had to take care of my children & I couldn't cut up my own food. So I'm trying to be a bit more proactive & do what's within my power to avoid getting ill in the first place.

Any advice on how to avoid colds, viruses, chest infections? Did you used to get ill but don't so much any more? Does Vit C really work or has that been discredited? Echinacea? Is it true that dairy products can aggravate chest infections or is that dairy/mucus thing an urban myth? Rigorous handwashing? What's worked for you & yours?

Iamseeingstars Thu 06-Oct-11 10:17:05

green stuff needs antibiotics.

lots of proper handwashing - the whole family, clean door knobs, switches, phones, computers, handwashing etc

lightroom Thu 06-Oct-11 10:37:24

Thanks, Iamseeingstars. TBH I've given up on going to the doctors when I get this thing: they are v kind, listen to my chest, say it's ok and that I have a viral infection (despite the green stuff) so don't prescribe antibiotics. Will step up the hygiene & try to head off the next lurgy smile

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