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Anyone taken Zopiclone?

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ButWhyIsTheGinGone Tue 04-Oct-11 19:55:23

Hello all,
A while ago I was having a very tough time at work and eventually was prescribed Zopiclone as I had got into a horrible pattern of waking at 3/4am and not going back to sleep - or if I did it was disturbed and light sleep. Was prescribed 14 tablets of Zopiclone which were WONDERFUL, but was warned they don't "cure" sleeplessness, and that I would need to tackle the root cause of the sleeplessness. (Work.)

Well I have fallen back into this horrible pattern. I'm not particularly stressed but I think I've got into the habit of waking at this time. It's like clockwork. I am doing everything I can to get a decent night's sleep, such as no napping in the afternoon, no caffeine in the afternoon, etc but it's no good. I'm really struggling to get through the working day.

Would it be ok to go and ask for more of these tablets? I hate asking for drugs, even when necessary - I feel like such a fraud!

I get prescribed them once every couple of years when i hit a fibromyalgia slump and can't sleep. You can but ask.

Good luck!

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