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Have I got a longer leg, or am I just clumsy?

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ButterAndPie Tue 04-Oct-11 13:49:40

I keep stumbling. Just one foot keeps "catching" on the ground, as if I'm not lifting it up enough, then I stumble. I'm not concious of walking funny in any way. It is happening several times a day and is really, really annoying. I only wear flat, sturdy shoes.

I have just recovered from painful SPD from my 2yo - could it be that still?

(Sorry, today would seem to be "BP asks minor health questions" day)

minervaitalica Tue 04-Oct-11 14:08:02

It's possible (it's actually quite common to have legs or feet of slightly different lengths - I certainly do). However, you seem to be saying that it's a recent development so it's unlikely to be that? I have no idea about the SPD.

One thing I know though: I have the same problem with "foot pick-up" so I fall over quite a lot (long story, nothing to do with having feet or legs of different lengths). What my podiatrist says is that in these cases flats are not necessarily the best option - slightly raised shoes, say one inch hels are better as they help you walk heel first, thereby lowering the chance of the front of the foot "catching" the ground. Slightly raised trainers!

I hope this makes sense!

lookbutdonttouch Tue 04-Oct-11 17:33:03

I had all sorts of sacroiliac problems years ago when pregnant and it kept getting out of line and making one leg longer than the other and I was the same, tripping over my own feet, etc.

My osteopath sort of clicked everything back and kept doing it until the pregnancy was over and the hormones went and things got better and eventually things stayed in place and i stopped tripping!

Perhaps try and osteopath!

He literally lay me down and got my pelvis straight and my left leg was longer.... until he fixed me.... i miss him...

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