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Anyone else had awful stomach bug recently?

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CountessDracula Sun 26-Oct-03 12:05:02

I appear to have something resembling dysentary!!! Since Tuesday have had awful diarrhoea (sorry this is revolting, but very gushing and totally liquid) and been feeling very sick too. I just wondered if anyone else has had something similar - DD has had a bit of diarrhoea but not on this scale!

The reason I ask is that I have Crohn's disease which produces similar symptoms and I'm wondering if it could be an attack of that, however I always get terrible stomach pain with that which I have not had, just nausea.

(and no I am not pregnant before you ask!!)

CountessDracula Sun 26-Oct-03 12:06:08

Oh and to cap it all DH has horrible chest infection and dd woke up covered in red spots on tummy/back and with a very runny nose.... chickenpox?

Chas27 Sun 26-Oct-03 12:11:56

My neighbour had it last week, as did my MIL. Neighbour was thrilled, she has lost more weight over those few days than with the Atkins diet

CountessDracula Sun 26-Oct-03 12:13:05

Thanks Chas27 - did it last 5+ days? Yes I've lost about half a stone already!

Posey Sun 26-Oct-03 12:16:40

First time on here un a few days and thought I'd just look up active conversations, and this was at the top of the pile. Me and dh both have had a nasty vomitting bug, first time in 6+ years of parenthood we've both really wanted to spend the whole day in bed at the same time (due to being ill that is
Anyway seem to be over the worst now thank goodness, just didn't relish the idea of being ill for half term. DD was brill yesterday, taking loads of time to keep her baby brother entertained.
Off out shortly to get some fresh air and a treat for dd for being so cool about missing an exciting day out we had planned for yesterday
Countessdracula, hope you're feeling a bit better. We didn't have the diarrhoea.

CountessDracula Sun 26-Oct-03 12:17:39

Posey that sounds awful, you poor things. I haven't been sick but I am not a sicky person (about twice in the past 15 years)

Chas27 Sun 26-Oct-03 12:18:20

...ummm yes, my neighbour was out of action for at least 5 days, put a real spanner in the works for us 'mums who lunch'!! Remember to stay well hydrated wont you?

coppertop Sun 26-Oct-03 12:27:06

Yep. dh had sickness & runs, I had nausea & cramps, while ds1 & 2 'decorated' the carpets several times. It lasted a week. Hope you feel better soon.

Bron Sun 26-Oct-03 13:24:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Angiel Sun 26-Oct-03 13:42:35

I've had a bug this weekend. Started on Friday with sickness and diarrhoea and left me feeling like crap again. I've strained my stomach muscles from being sick and they were only just recovering from the appendicitis. I've come to the conclusion that giving up smoking and drinking has been very bad for my health!

Hope you're feeling better soon CD. x

Demented Sun 26-Oct-03 21:49:10

DS1 and DS2 had a sicky bug last weekend (DS1 had diarrhoea too), DS2 threw up in B&Q (nice ), DH felt very sick and slept sitting up one night although he wasn't acutally sick. I seem to have managed to miss the bug but at the same time caught a cold with a really tickly cough which seems to be lingering.

Hope you are feeling better soon!

CountessDracula Sun 26-Oct-03 23:18:21

Thanks all, sorry to hear so many of you have been ill too. I have decided that I must have dysentary so am off to bed to try and sleep for 20 mins before getting up and confronting the niagara falls that is my arse...


oliveoil Mon 27-Oct-03 12:44:51

My dd was being sick and crapping through her clothes last week for about 2 days then dh was doing the same (but without nappies ) for 4 days. He lost a stone!

I was ill for 2 days, but just being sick. Loads of people at the dd's baby group were ill as well.

Prob a bug going round.

Hope you feel better. And just think - half a stone lost!!!!!!!!!!! Always a silver lining

LJay Mon 27-Oct-03 14:12:17

Definitely a bug. We have all had it as have everyone who has come into contact with us. Interesting, though, that people have different symptoms. Some have diahorrea and no vomiting (ds1), some have both (me, dh, ds2), some have just sickness no diahorrea (friend) and some just feel really sick for a couple of days without vomiting or anything (childminder).

What's that all about then??

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