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Dentist, anesthetic and propanolol

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coffeecoffeecoffee Mon 03-Oct-11 16:18:10

I'm off to the dentist tomorrow, I think an old filling is failing as I'm getting twinges on and off. I have been previously told that I can't have the usual anesethetic as I'm taking propanolol (40mg a day for migraines). Is this right, and if so, what's the alternative? Is it any good?

I HATE the dentist and insist on being numbed up to the nines as I can't stand any pain / drilling! Eeeek!

lizzie83 Mon 03-Oct-11 19:49:32

Glad someone else doesn't like the dentist. I have just this evening completely cracked my tooth right down the middle and am dreading going. Good luck I am sure you are much braver than me.

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 04-Oct-11 10:42:21

am off tomorrow for a tooth needing rebuilding-am fairly wimpy. Am not sure about what alternative anaesthetics there are-must be some... good luck to us !

Grumpystiltskin Tue 04-Oct-11 20:55:59

All of the literature I can find says that the interaction (which is between the adrenaline in Local Anaesthetic and the propranolol) is very unlikely with the small amount of adrenaline used in dental anaesthetics. That said, if there is concern, we have LA with no adrenaline in in which can be used for most procedures.

Hope you got it sorted OP.

Hopefully it is going to the dentist you don't like lizzie83 rather than just your dentist becasue you should remember that you can always find another dentist who doesn't offend you so much.

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