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T4 = 9.5,TSH =0.13..RAI on 22nd Aug so am i still Graves/Hyperthyroid?

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zara206y Mon 03-Oct-11 12:21:01

My latest results are T4 =9.5 (7-16) and TSH = 0.13 (0.20 - 5.5) so does this mean im still Hyperthryoid? I have had or still got Graves disease for the 2nd time, i had RAI on 22nd Aug this year and now looks like its not worked.
I have asked the receptionist at the docs if i have to see the doc and she said NO. I am not on any Carbim's No medications as it was stopped a week before my RAI. What do i do? I have got a follow-up appt in a wk or so to see the Endocrinologist to discuss the RAI so i guess i just have to wait? But does anyone know if the results are showing that im still Hyper T, as according to my research i am ! Im so upset too that its not worked.

romaniabound Mon 03-Oct-11 12:56:05

Hi there,

Well I don't know what your levels were like pre RAI but it looks to me like your levels might still be coming into range and settling down. You TSH is only marginally below the normal range and T4 is now within the normal range. Caveat - I don't know much about Graves as I have Hashimotos (underactive thryoid) and am not sure how quickly your levels should return to normal after RAI, but after I have a change of dose of thyroxine, I find it can take about 12 weeks for my blood tests to give reliable levels. Hope you feel better and get some reassurance soon.

zara206y Mon 03-Oct-11 13:26:00

cool thanks for the advice

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