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Poor Snotty Baby

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HandMini Sun 02-Oct-11 19:20:08

Hi all, my DD, 4 mo, has a cold. No temperature and seems fairly happy during the day, but the problem is that she is really snotty and bunged up at night and keeps waking because of it.

Is Calpol worth trying, or is that more for temperatures?

I can get a nasal aspirator tomorrow - any thoughts on whether this is worth it?

Should I be propping her cot up?

Any tips to help the poor little snuffler through the night?


Fuzzywood Sun 02-Oct-11 19:23:56

I'd prop the cot up if you can. I use Snuffle Babe when mine are bunged up, it's like baby Vicks vapour rub, guess that's not going to help tonight though unless you can get out to get some. Personally I only give calpol with a temp.

Fuzzywood Sun 02-Oct-11 19:25:31

Meant to add the only other thing I've tried is to sit them in a steamed up bathroom for 10 minutes or so, do be careful not to get them too hot though.

JeelyPiece Sun 02-Oct-11 19:27:04

Sorry to hear that. My 6mo has a cold just now too and I've been putting a couple of saline drops (you can get it in the chemist) in each nostril before going to bed and if he's unsettled in the night. Not just after a feed as it can trickle down their throat and make them vomit up all their milk! Does seem to help as it rinses out the blockage a bit.

Graciescotland Sun 02-Oct-11 19:34:20

I had a nasal aspirator, known as the snot sucker in our house grin, it was worthwhile but now DS is a bit big and won't stay still.

If your BF a squirt up the nose is good. Anything menthol can help, karvol capsules or if you have some vicks some on a hankie tied to top bar of the cot or somewhere out of reach not on her skin/ clothes as too strong.

HandMini Sun 02-Oct-11 19:48:30

Thanks so much all. I've been really remiss and not managed to get anything sorted for tonight, but will check out some kind of vapo-rub and an aspirator for tmrw. Going to go and do a stealthy tipping of the cot head now!!

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