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IBS - does anyone else worry that it's become something worse?

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whereismywine Sun 02-Oct-11 18:50:16

having a bit if a melodramatic day because of my current episode of ibs that came out of the blue a week ago. This year I've had several flare ups with everything settling down in-between. Usually starts with an urgent dose of the runs, usually somewhere with no loo (!) and then I'm rubbish for about 2-3 weeks after, with chronic pain after every meal. The pain after eating is a new symptom to 2011 even though I've had ibs for 20 years. I've been tested at age 16 and 24 for all other IBD disorders and since then, I've just got on with things really with a concoction of mebeverine and immodium during a flare up. I usually know my trigger foods. But this year, it's come on regardless of healthy eating. And the pain after eating is worrying me.

To add a bit more to the story, I've been ttc for almost a year now and I can't lie, I've found it really stressful. I'm due a hsg on Thursday and worried about that. Today me and dh decided to shelve 'trying' til I'm better and can get through the day without as much pain. Much as I want a baby, I worry that it would be doubly hard when I need to be near a loo all the time and have so much pain. I guess I'd like to hear from other people with ibs. Do you ever think that maybe it has got worse or changed into something more serious? Qm thinking if asking the gp if i need more tests, 10 years on, rather than repeat prescriptions. My brother is currently been investigated for chrons, so I do wonder if there is a genetic link. Do you think stress of ttc could be making it worse? I've always connected it to food more than stress. Also I can't take my meds v much at the moment as they aren't compatible with ttc. Does anyone else have any ttc/ibs experiences?

Sorry, this is a right whinge of a post!

Earthdog Sun 02-Oct-11 19:40:21

I'd definitely go and chat to a doctor as things have changed or you'll only keep worrying. Just a stab in the dark, but I am suspicious that IBS is linked to hormones. Mine started when I was teenage, so when the hormones were kicking in, then contunued all the while including when I was on the combined pill. About a year ago age 40 I changed from the combined to the progesterone only pill and my IBS has stopped! I cannot be 100% sure this is the reason as I have also started taking a probiotic multivitamin and aspirin but my gut feeling(!) is its the hormones. I used to think it was stress related but now I wonder whether stress just exacerbated it. Good luck.

bozzylozzy Sun 02-Oct-11 19:53:49

i started with ibs when i was mid teens, before i started the pill. i then came off the pill about 2 and a half yrs ago due to migraines.
i always get caught out for the loo (so embarrassing)
ive not got experience of ttc - as my little girl was a complete surprise! (but had not been on the pill for 1yr, and condom failed lol)
however i did find that i had no issues with IBS during pregnancy. but since my daughter was born, my IBS has been terrible.
im now getting investigated for crohns - as well as a grumbling appendix
from what ive read - if you have a sibling or parent with an IBD, you can be more genetically prone to developing it too. my mum, gran and brother suffer IBs and uncle has crohns.

stress definitely exacerbates it, i recently moved house and i ended up in hospital for 11days with stomach pains.
i think you're wise to "shelve" trying until you're feeling better. ( i know i cant really advise on this ) but from experiences that my friends have had ttc. the minute they stop trying, and other things in their life settle down - then boom! a baby is on the way.

i wish you the best of luck, bowel problems suck big time

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