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Boob job on the NHS?

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NinjaSlipper Sun 02-Oct-11 12:45:46

I'm asking for a friend, I recently decided I would like a breast enlargement and was chatting to my friend about it, she revealed to me she has been very, very unhappy about her breasts for a long time.

She needs to loose quite a few stone and is trying to do so, but shes scared the weight loss will make her problem even worse.

She has different sized breasts, she showed me and she had a c-cup bra on. One of her breasts filled the cup completely and the other cup was virtually empty - I'd say her other breast was about an A-cup.

She said this has affected her badly for a long long time and she hasn't been able to even go to the GP because of the eeling she has aout it (the thought of showing someone terrified her)

Do you think in her situation she may be likely to be able to get it fixed o the NHS?

There is no way she could afford to have the surgery done privatly, I'm sure if it were an option she would look into it, but she struggles to meet eveeryday living costs so its just not plausable.

Does anyone have any advice or experience before we go the GP? I am going with her as she finds it hard to even talk about it sad

feelingratheroverwhelmed Sun 02-Oct-11 12:48:32

I I know had a reduction on the NHS for this exact reason. If it is seen as more than just cosmetic (and two cup sizes different is pretty significant) then they may well consider it seriously. She needs to see her GP for a chat. Wish her luck [smle]

NinjaSlipper Sun 02-Oct-11 12:58:43

thats reassuring, thankyou for replying smile

mumatron Sun 02-Oct-11 13:09:31

Well, a friend of mine had an enlargement on the basis that her were very small (practically non-existant, less than an a cup) so I don't see why your friend would be any different.

tell her to see her gp, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Could you go with her? She obviously trusts you.

NinjaSlipper Sun 02-Oct-11 18:37:17

Yes I'm going with her. I think it goes beyond her just 'not liking' her boobs, they are visually very different and I can see why it would affect her confidence.

smee Sun 02-Oct-11 20:14:05

My friend had hers done on NHS. They kind of collapsed after breast feeding and were like empty sacks. GP referred her immediately.

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