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bleeding/early period..

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25goingon95 Sun 02-Oct-11 09:23:07

Im not sure if i should go to the GP on monday or wait and see what happens next month??

I started bleeding 14 days after my last period finished. They usually come every 20 days. Could it just be really early? Ive been a couple of days early before, and up to 4 days late.

It hasn't been a lot i'd say about a teaspoon full over friday and saturday. Nothing since saturday morning. This morning (TMI sorry) there was some browny red on tissue but thats it. I have period pain but not bad just achey, have gained 3lbs like i usually do at time of the month. Ive had quite a few symtoms i usually get. Also definately not pregnant. Tested yesterday to be totally sure but there wasn't much chance anyway!

Anything to worry about?? I am worried! should i just see how it goes or dash to the GP on monday?

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