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Bleeding after sex

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FreeButtonBee Sat 01-Oct-11 23:40:37

so, on a scale of 1 to 'get to the fucking doctor right now' how worried should i be?

Have had a bit of light bleeding after sex for the past six weeks or so. At first i thought it was tail end of period but defo not that. It isn't from overly energetic sex itself, i don't think (still shagging my dh, rathe than anyone new and he's not that well endowed that it has ever been an issue before!). Had a smear test in the spring which was all clear but I am a wee bit worried and trying to resist dr google from freaking me out even further.

adamschic Sat 01-Oct-11 23:44:27

Go to the doctors but don't worry. You might need an hysteroscopy (sp) to have a look at your womb and you have had your smear so that should be OK.

I'm waiting for an appointment for the former. It's just procedure but anything nasty needs ruling out. Good luck.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 02-Oct-11 18:01:43

Go to the gp asap, you should not bleed after sex.

TheCountessOlenska Sun 02-Oct-11 18:14:15

I have had this twice - first time the Doctor said it was a cervical erosion (the bleed was quite dramatic). Second time was after childbirth and Doctor said my cervix was inflamed. Both times it has settled down on its own. I have had regular clear smear tests. You do need to get checked out at Docs though.

BelaLugosidreamsofzombiesheep Sun 02-Oct-11 18:14:29

If you have had a a recent infection such as candida, then this can make the cervical epithelium (or skin) sore. If you have recently changed contraception then different hormone levels can make the cervical epithelium thinner which in turn makes it (a) more susceptible to infections (b) the blood vessels closer to the surface which also makes you bleed more readily. This area of thin skin is called an ectropian and is normal.
Seeing you GP is a good idea as its been six weeks now so its best to get it checked out. They will probably want to have a look at your cervix, may take swabs and may refer you for investigation (colposcopy have special microscopes so the staff can have a really good look at your cervix).

Hope it goes well :-)

BelaLugosidreamsofzombiesheep Sun 02-Oct-11 18:14:56

x-post with the countessa smile

Jellykat Sun 02-Oct-11 19:00:04

Agree with the others - go to the docs, but don't panic..

I too have had the same for 3 years, and after having a lot investigated by the Gynae via Colposcopy and Hysteroscopy, came away none the wiser.. until a clever MNer informed me that Polyps on the Cervix (which i have) can bleed after sex. They were frozen off at one point, but the little buggers came back.

In otherwords it's not necessarily a symptom of something horrid, but do get it checked to be sure.

zara206y Mon 03-Oct-11 12:09:01

Oh umm seems to be the normal thing for us to all go through at some stage for the docs to brush it off...My doc at the last visit said that its something i may have to live with! I have bled on and off for the best part of 6 yrs during/after sex. Not nice at all. Had numerous Colposcopies as i have an Ectropian of the cervix (cervical errosion). I am about to go into hospital on 10th OCt for a General Anaesthetic and a Endoscopy to see whats going on this time. I wrote to a Harley St Gynae and begged him to see me..he agreed under NHS to help sort out my probs. Sometimes i go to the loo and will drip fresh red blood and then other days nothing. BUT alongside this issue i have bled (period) since 1st October !!! Its stopped on and off a few days but i have had something either very dark blood or very heavy inc period pains that have had me doubled up twice. I have always had these issues too for years but this year for some reason for the last 6 months or so they were so regular it was almost odd..but i thought it was too good to be true as its back to bleeding at any time of the month. I was offered a Hysterectomy several years ago but declined and another surgeon said i was too young then but again this new gynae said that it may lead down that route. And to be honest now being a single mother to one son in my 42 yr i am looking towards it as i cant bleed for a month at a time..its not something i want to live with.

startail Mon 03-Oct-11 12:18:07

I get this occasionally along side odd spotting. Smear nurse says it's due to cervical erosion from living on the mini pill.
DD breast feed for years, so never bothered swooping back to the combined one. Get it checked, but don't worry.

startail Mon 03-Oct-11 12:21:13

Oh it's also much less of a pest than it used to be because the new smear method can get a result from bloody samples. I used to get recalled every flaming time.

zara206y Mon 03-Oct-11 12:23:14

oh yes when i was about 30 i had a hot loop done as i had so many smears come back abnormal with precancerous cells. I am worried that although my smears are ok now that there is something else going on or the start of something nasty.

FreeButtonBoo Fri 14-Oct-11 13:28:00

Thanks all; will make an appointment to get it checked out then. Good to know that I am unlikely to be dying! Seems to have eased off over the past week or so. But will be sensible and get it looked into.

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