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possible crohn's or grumbling appendix! (c-section related??)

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bozzylozzy Thu 29-Sep-11 21:34:04

my daughter was born by c-section 8mths ago - which got infected and opened up on my right side. i have been getting bouts of extreme tiredness and not feeling "with it" ever since.
my doctor started investigating this 2mths ago and ruled out anaemia, thyroid issues and coeliac. i mentioned that ive had IBS for 5yrs (symptoms of diarrheoa and urgency) and they have got worse since childbirth
my bloodtest showed some inflammation - and upon abdominal examination, they noticed a "mass" in my right side and it was extremely painful under pressure. this then got worse and was in hospital for 11days with IV antibiotics and steroids.
my ct scan was too vague, and my doctor is unsure whether i have crohns or my appendix is grumbling?
i feel really down about it, because i get that tired and confused (especially now im on steroids) that i find it difficult to look after my little one.

(other symptoms include - itchy skin - but no rash, hot flushes and slightly raised temp)

i guess i just want to know, could this be at all linked to my caesarean becoming infected?? and if anyone else is having similar problems. i seem to be getting nowhere with my doctors grin(
im also gutted that i had to stop breastfeeding due to the steroids

bozzylozzy Sun 02-Oct-11 16:29:26


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