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DD been to dentist - I'm really worried

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CurlyWattz Thu 29-Sep-11 10:13:14

DD (7) goes to dentist regularly - all is well. Recently she's been complaining about pain in one tooth whilst biting and says it bleeds. Taken a few weeks to get dental appt because we've been on hols and dentist on leave and I keep forgetting to book one

DH took her this morning and the dentist said teeth look good, no decay. He thinks pain is caused by a "trauma". He tried to take x-ray but couldn't fit it into her mouth. He said there's a mouth ulcer and has recommended bonjella and said if it hasn't gone in two weeks he will refer her for one of those xrays that go all round the head.

So being neurotic by nature I'm now panicing because I read in the Daily Mail that mouth ulcer that doesn't go away = you know what.

So can someone calm me down, please!

DeWe Thu 29-Sep-11 10:56:40

If she's rubbing/biting on the mough ulcer then it will keep it going. What I've had a couple of times is a small mouth ulcer in just that part on the inside of my cheek that if it is a tiny bit swollen catches occasionally when I bite. Then it lasts and lasts because every time I catch it, it gets worse again.

But I wouldn't read the dentist as necessarily blaming the mouth ulcer for the pain, just that she has one at the moment, it's not necessarily that that's causing the pain, so it may have only just come, or caused by the same thing as causing the pain.

CurlyWattz Thu 29-Sep-11 13:07:45

Thank you, DeWe; that makes sense. Have spoken to DH about what the dentist actually said, as opposed to quick precise on telephone, and have calmed down. My cousin recently died of mouth cancer - hence the over-reaction blush

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