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recurring binge drinking - what help to get quick

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caughtupintheratrace Thu 29-Sep-11 08:43:45

My friends partner binge drinks for days at a time usually every 2 months or so.... this time he is still drinking since Saturday, we are talking large amounts of alcohol all the time he is awake, litres of brandy/vodka/wine. just keeps drinking then its like a switch is flicked and it stops, he already has pancreatis and scarring of the liver.

They have 3 young children and she can't cope much more.

Does anyone have any advice or experience what to do? to me it sounds like a mental health issue as much as anything else, but think the help is needed quickly. He has had conselling before but not sure what sort

sausagesandmarmelade Thu 29-Sep-11 13:03:31

First of all, he has to want to help himself..............

Whatever the reasons, it's unacceptable behaviour and not fair on anyone else (especially the young children) and your friend needs to decide if she can tolerate him living with her and behaving in the way he does.....if he doesn't accept help or accept that he has a major problem.

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