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Does anyone ever just ask for a blood test for the sake of it

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Iamseeingstars Wed 28-Sep-11 03:48:52

Just thought I would ask.

If you had blood tests done as a general wellbeing routine test then there would be a general baseline of your body, so that if down the line there is ever a problem, there are results to compare with.

I am amazed at the number of people who complain about their ailments and yet never ever go to the doctor or never ask for blood tests to be done or dont tell the doctor the real reason why they are there.

Are their any medical specialists on here who can advise whether this can be done in the UK?

Finallygotaroundtoit Wed 28-Sep-11 06:00:27

Tests are very expensive and a 'baseline' of when you're well would be within the normal range for people of your age/sex.

You only need to be tested when you are ill (and then only for real ailments not the ridiculous stuff made up by poncey magazines)

Unnecessary tests are a speciality of private medicine

Iamseeingstars Wed 28-Sep-11 06:51:30

Fair enough. Just thought I'd ask.

I have blood tests every week and do wonder what they cost.

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