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Post Coital Bleeding on and off for 6 years, Periods lasting 15 days, then drip fresh blood randomly>>HELP!

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Happymuppet Tue 27-Sep-11 21:14:41

I am booked in to see the Gynea specialist for the thousand time but this time its a harley street specialist (after i wrote to him and begged him to help me) on 10th for a G/A and have a look type thing. But im worried. I have had post coital bleeding on and off for about 6 yrs, sometimes it happens sometimes it wont. I have had endless Colposcopies etc and the end of the cervix burnt off/chopped off more times than i care to remember. One specialist said that i may have a vein at the end that keeps bleeding!
This month not only am i bleeding that way but again i have bled (period) for about 15 days since the begining of the month. Loads of period pains..mainly on my left side. Clots dark blood but then like this morning i havent bled for days and then went to bathroom and i was dripping red fresh blood (this happens occasionally). It cant be related to my period cause thats usually very very dark and very heavy etc and i have been clear for 3 days with no bleeding. I just dont get what is happening to me. Is this the start of Peri menopause? I have just recently had treatment for Graves Disease and was treated with RAI 9 wks ago (i have an follow up BT tommorow). I used to get mis placed periods and just put it down to the Hyperthroidism..but have no idea whats going on now. I am worried about Cervical Cancer. The specialist looked at my cervix and has mentioned Cervial Ectropian and that its very red at the end of the cervix. (I have had this problem several times in the past too). I want this to be sorted as i cant bear the embarrassement of sleeping with someone and having to dash to the bathroom in tears cause im bleeding badly. Once i bled so badly it went through to the base mattress...very horrific as i had no pain so didnt notice. I am 42 years old but otherwise ok. I am not on the pill as that makes my periods worse, very irregular, coil makes my periods very very heavy. SO not on anything at the mo but then i dont have a partner as such. Worried about trip to hospital when im bleeding all over the place. I have in the past been given Northesterone? tabs if i take these then my period stops but i cant keep taking these can i , yet i will still bleed during after sex. The 'Eastenders' Tanya story hasnt helped at all!!! HELP

Happymuppet Tue 27-Sep-11 21:16:28

Oh i was even told by my last doctors visit that there is nothing they can do and i just have to live with all the issues i have...Really? The Harley Street Gynae works one day a week at a private clinic here, but has agreed to see me under the NHS..Phew!

ameliagrey Tue 27-Sep-11 22:11:26

whio are you seeeing? I see a gyane at a women's clinic in Harley Street ....

you should not have to put up with all of this.

Has no one had any ideas what iss wrong?

have you had your hormone levels checked?

Happymuppet Wed 28-Sep-11 09:42:08

HI ameliagrey, as this has gone on for so many years i give up. Sometimes i will be totally ok and for months my periods will be almost ok but then it will start up like this month. FOr about 6 months my periods have been ok, but previously they were all over the shot and again like this month..very bad. I have bled for 16 days with a gap of about two days in between. I have the period pains etc then the next day im bleeding. But then i stopped for two days and nothing then i went to the loo and i was dripping fresh blood as sometimes is the case. I am seeing Mr M Bowen ! on the 10th of October. He said that we will go in and knock me out and have a good look, he ssaid the end of my cervix is very sore and red..ectropian i am guessing as i had this so many times. I keep having the surgery to treat it and months im ok but then its starts again. BUT the issue is two things here...periods that last for weeks have started again and bleeding during or after sex

zara206y Wed 28-Sep-11 12:11:52

Name change time...sorry

BelaLugosidreamsofzombiesheep Wed 28-Sep-11 21:21:28

Have they investigated for endometriosis?

zara206y Thu 29-Sep-11 09:50:54

No they havent done anything like that. I have been backwards and forwards to the gynae at the local hosp who just treats the cervix at the end with freezing it so it rotts and drops off by an inch or so. This is to get rid of the red raw cells..that are visable and at the end. This treats the post coital bleeding for about 6 months then i start again and have to go back for more treatment i have h ad it done about 6 times now inc a hot loop surgery. They just dont seem to deal with my period side of things at all. The never read my notes just tell me that its some thing i have to live with and say try this or that when i have already tried them all. I think from the 1st of Sept i have bled about 26 days now. This has been 2 sets of 5 days of horrendous dark clotts, bleeding, period pains etc then a few days of nothing but bright red drips or maybe a few days of spotting. It really messing up my hormones today i feel very low. I cant go anywhere without taking something with me or making sure i have something there in place. I cant use Tampons as they are always uncomfortable somehow so also limits what i wear too. I did think about Endometriosis and need to speak with this consultant again on my pre op visit on monday. I am in for treatment/investigation on monday 10th.

BelaLugosidreamsofzombiesheep Thu 29-Sep-11 14:07:34

Sounds like its worth raising with them. Have they checked for fibroids and/or adenomysosis? (Its a benign condition which can make periods really painful).

zara206y Thu 29-Sep-11 14:27:49

No they havent checked for anything yet, my period this time was very uncomfortable even reduced me to take paracetamol -something i havent done since i was younger (im 42). I had a camera into my womb about 3 yrs ago whilst awake searching for fibroids but found nothing. What i dont get is that for about 6 months my periods have gone back to being like clockwork , now they have gone back me bleeding/spotting daily as it would appear now. Oh and then there is the bleeding during/after sex too AHHHHH i could scream. It was mentioned that i may need a Hysterectomy to sort it out for once and for all but im worried about that too.yet if its going to sort things out then go ahead i say.

ameliagrey Thu 29-Sep-11 17:46:32

TBH it sounds as if youhave 2 issues- a cervical erosion which is when you get those cells that are inside the cervix migrating outside- that is what is giving you bleeding during sex, and other issues with your hormones that cause these erratic periods.

Cervical erosion is very common- I had it 30 years back after going on the pill.
Usually cauterising it works.

Your other issues sound like pre/ peri menopause.

They should take some blood samples and see what your hormones are doing, as these could also be causing your erosion.

It really sounds as if you have 2 pretty simple and common conditions which just need sorting out.

zara206y Thu 29-Sep-11 20:39:46

Ameliagrey...yes i have been told about the Cervical Erosion each time but they treat it and like i say within 6 months its back again. They just do the same thing each time and it comes back! I did question the Peri Menopause thing too and thought that that has to be the obvious answer. I hope they sort it on the 10th ! I will keep this posted and thank you so much for the advice.

zara206y Tue 04-Oct-11 19:44:45

Getting really worried now..feeling lightheaded today and still bleeding. Today i went to the bathroom sat on the loo and thought i was urinatinng and it was blood..fresh blood. I have had about 25 days out of 30 that i have bled now and im worried. Even had to take some paracetamol to lessen the period pains (im 42 this shouldnt be happening!), i am getting so so worried. Gynea hospital appointment on monday..but it cant come soon enough!

ameliagrey Tue 04-Oct-11 20:23:46

If you are bleeding a lot and have pain there is a simple med that you can be given- sorry can't remember the name off top of my head.

This really sounds like peri meno and you need full hormone tests, possibly HRT, or maybe just progesterone on its own which will control bleeding.

don't be fobbed off- ask until you get some answers.

zara206y Wed 05-Oct-11 12:59:58

Ameliagrey..the specialist has told me i cant take anything to help as it might interfere with his tests but im in agony here. Large blood clots,bad p pains too and still very lightheaded. Just phone my local GP for advice waiting for a call x

zara206y Tue 11-Oct-11 16:33:31

well i went into hospital yesterday for a general anaesthetic and i had a D & C, Hysteroscopy and colposcopy! According to my letter i came home with it says "found to have an enteverted uterus with a 7cm cavity containing a posterior wall polyp which was removed. Curettings were taken for analysis. At Colposcopy she had an extropian with mild aceto-white consistent with viral change a biopsy was taken and the lesion diathermed.

Ok so i have looked up the Anteverted uterus = my uterus is tipping forward ? So is this an issue? 7cm cavity =7cm hole? He said the polyp would of been causing my bleeding for a month. Now the main bit that does concern me more and reduced me to tears is the bit about the aceto-white which according to the net COULD BE pre cancerous changes. I freaked out. Anyone got any ideas? I go back in 2 wks for a post op check and to discuss the results im guessing.

BelaLugosidreamsofzombiesheep Tue 11-Oct-11 17:50:46

See my reply on the other thread.

zara206y Wed 12-Oct-11 18:00:52

hi Bela...i got the other posting thanks so much for the advice i really do appreciate your time taken to reply.

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