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Happymuppet Tue 27-Sep-11 14:16:53

I am booked in to see the Gynea specialist for the thousand time but this time its a harley street specialist on 10th for a G/A and have a look type thing. But im worried. I have had post coital bleeding on and off for about 6 yrs, sometimes it happens sometimes it wont. I have had endless Colposcopies etc and the end of the cervix burnt off/chopped off more times than i care to remember. This time not only am i bleeding that way but again i have bled (period) for about 15 days since the begining of the month. Loads of period pains..mainly on my left side. Clots dark blood but then like this morning i havent bled for days and then went to bathroom and i was dripping red fresh blood (this happens occasionally). It cant be related to my period cause thats usually very very dark etc and i have been clear for 3 days with no bleeding. I just dont get what is happening to me. Is this the start of Peri menopause? I have just recently had treatment for Graves Disease and was treated with RAI 9 wks ago (i have an follow up BT tommorow). I used to get mis placed periods and just put it down to the Hyperthroidism..but have no idea whats going on now. I am worried about Cervical Cancer. The specialist looked at my cervix and has mentioned Cervial Ectropian and that its very red at the end of the cervix. I want this to be sorted as i cant bear the embarrassement of sleeping with someone and having to dash to the bathroom in tears cause im bleeding badly. Once i bled so badly it went through to the base matress...very horrific as i had no pain so didnt notice. I am 42 years old but otherwise ok. I am not on the pill as that makes my periods worse, very irregular, coil makes my periods very very heavy. SO not on anything at the mo. Worried about trip to hospital when im bleeding all over the place. HELP

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