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16mo DS coughing

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Jayfer Mon 26-Sep-11 20:42:52

Anyone got any ideas on how I could help him as it's keeping him awake?

So far we have smothered him in vick, albas oil, vaporiser in his room, warm drinks. Anything we've forgotten?

Think its a mixture of a cold and teething (he's been v slow at the teething thing and is only on his fourth tooth, he is however very good at climbing and scaring me to death).

He's very snotty and it's making him cough a lot.

Last winter was dreadful with continuous colds and ear infections. Would multivitamins be an idea?

bacon Tue 27-Sep-11 13:51:03

We are a family of catarrh sufferes - sounds like post nasal drip which is very common in children. I have no read and understood loads about this...

Dont waste you money on vits you are doing your best. Both my sons have a cough only at night and have been checked over.

The cough is prob due to the continual mucus going down his throat in his sleep and until the cold/teething subsides there is very little you can do. Some nights DS2 and cough terrible but nothing I can do very fustrating. Its the mucus that tickles the throat and makes him cough.

To much intervention will make the nose more sensitive and will make the passages produce more mucus which in term makes the cough more. So perhaps drop some of these vaporisers.

You say he had colds but it prob wasnt it was the mucus (snot) this can lead to further irritations such as ear infections. However, it is very common for young children to have pussy ears and mine did when the drum popped. Anti bios are no good and a healthy child can overcome this. I would alway avoid drugs as as far as I beleive lowers immunity.

Having the window open even when its cold works, central heating is very drying on the nose this can make the nasal passages over produce mucus.
Tilting the cot and a small pillow may help too.

If there is a family problem with ENT then sure he will suffer too.

Seems to be no anwser I'm afraid just hope he grows out of it over the next year.

Jayfer Tue 27-Sep-11 20:13:46

Thanks for the response. DH has had continual nose/chest problems but after I sent him back to the GP he got it mostly sorted. He still needs his inhalers or nasal spray if he goes anywhere new, like a hotel. So I'm aware that he might be heading that way (but I'm fine so he could be fine too).

My DS is already being seen by ENT and audiology as he has glue ear and infections every month to two weeks. He's also got some hearing loss from the glue ear although I think this is getting better as he's making different sounds now. He even said mama yesterday! He doesn't tend to cry with his ear pain anymore but I know when he's bad as he falls over a lot. He's only had antibiotics for it twice when he hasn't managed to shift it himself as I don't really want him taking them if its not necessary. The ENT doc is talking about grommets or long term antibiotics but we're going to see how he gets on this winter.

Hoping for a better night tonight,

bacon Tue 27-Sep-11 22:23:39

Jen, Yes, unfortunately I seem to have breed these problems into both my boys. I have nasal problems, catarrh and congestion too. DS1 isnt too bad now but also went through a terrible stage however, nothing was ever found and I diagnosed the nasal drip. DS2 (2.5yr) has had a terrible night cough for a few months again at night but extremely well.

I have heard that children are more prone to glue ear can have slight intolerances to dairy mixed with sweet products and I heard something on the radio a long time ago that cutting down on these if they are over consumed (v difficult with dairy I know). Even some food allergies can cause ENT problems and worth exploring and sure that some specialists have found that cutting down on certain foods have avoided grommets. Long term antiboitics surely cant be good? can you discuss this when you next see him. Believe me I'm no anti food anything and hate all this food intolerances I here but it may be worth considering in very young children.

Poor little fella, it must be very upsetting and for you too. Wishing you all a healthy winter too!

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