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Thank you for suggesting FPC

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swingingcat Sat 24-Sep-11 18:31:27

I recently made a comment that even with a Mirena coil I still have awful blood loss to the point of collapse.
My GP wrote me off as "getting ready for the menopause" and refused my request for a hospital opinion.
A Mumsnetter suggested the FPC, the nurse there sent me to the Rapid Acess clinic and after a lengthy scan it shows I have a 12cm fibroid that has dislodged the coil and also lots of other lumps and bumps that require investigation.

I really can not thank this site enough, I've a long journey ahead but needed to say THANK YOU x

Jellykat Sat 24-Sep-11 19:38:11

OMG - I hope you go back to your GP and give them What For, to say the least!..
So glad you finally got a proper diagnosis, and Good Luck with it all x

Bumping for all those on the original thread to see.

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