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sore vagina entrance - crap trainee consultant advice

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Haggisfish Thu 22-Sep-11 21:41:30

Hello all
I have had a sore fanjo for years - specifically the back wall at the entrance to it. I have had all the tests under the sun, which have revealed nothing wrong. However, it is still red and inflamed and with small 'lumps'. After I gave birth and was breastfeeding for 7-8 months, the whole vagina was very sore and dry - due to lack of oestrogen. I have a replacement oestrogen cream which is working well to overcome this dryness and soreness. however, the entrance is still excruciating - I have only managed to have sex twice since I gave birth.

I am still BF 3-4 times a day, but with a good 8 hour break during the day while at work, and at night, for the past 5 weeks.

I went to consultant today and saw a trainee consultant.

She told me:
1) LO did not need BF past one year.

2) My bones would suffer and become weak if I bf past a year.

3) That I should put myself first now.

4) That BF is making my vaginal problems worse

5) Told me to ask for an address to get vaginal dilators from the hospital pharmacy - i did this, in front of several people in the pharmacy, and was met with baffled looks. An exceptionally nice pharmacist recognised how difficult it was to talk about this in front of lots of people and took me aside to say she had no idea what they were or how to get them. WTF could the consultant not have phoned pharmacy herself to ask about this? I was mortificed, as they have those plastic screens up, so had to speak really quite loudly - everyone heard me!

6) When I asked her how long she thought it might be before my periods returned after giving up BF, she said 'well, it has been so long could be anything up to six months'. she made me feel I was very odd indeed for BF past a year.

7) When I voiced my concerns about something more serious, such as ovarian cancer, she told me I was being ridiculous.

8) finally, and the one that really made me think 'Eh?!' She told me I should go back to the local genitourinary clinic as they have 'seen more vaginas than we have'!?!?!

Erm, really? More than the massive regional hospital gynaecological unit?!

Sorry for the long post - am I right to complain, and can someone reassure me I am right that my bones will not suffer long term?

thank you!

twankie Fri 23-Sep-11 09:36:14

I do think a letter of complaint, calmly outlining how upset you were at this dr's interactional insensitivities would be justified. I'm not sure how much will be done but perhaps she could be made aware of her lack in this area. Ask explicitly for her to be spoken to regarding this - and for you to be informed about how they will, proceedurally, handle your complaint.

Did she explain 1-4... is it hormonally related? If this is the case, ask them to refer you to the specific medical research evidencing this. I'm not a medic so don''t know. I suspect there is conflicting advice around anyway..Breastfeeding Matters may offer one - google..I think they are on facebook too. I don't see how a vaginal dilator would are sore and also probably tense in anticpation of it hurting as well... is there something called vaginitis (sp?).. I seem to recall reading once about it. hatever the cause, it must be very distressing and the dr didn't help matters.

kwinmum Fri 23-Sep-11 22:52:56

Ask your Gp to refer to your local women's health physio, you may have what is known as vulvodynia, and it is treatable, they are likely to be able to help you. Best of luck.

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