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Ways to boost immune system, please

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Matronalia Thu 22-Sep-11 12:23:32

I went to the doctors yesterday where I was diagnosed with shingles. She suggested that my immune system is very low as I have suffered with:

Strep throat followed two weeks later by-
Scarlatina (with the full body rash which is healing very slowly)
Two heavy colds
and thrush twice

in the last three months. She thinks it is due to a miscarriage I had in June this year and the fact I dont really have a lot of time to rest with two small children.
What other things can I do to help me boost my immune system to help with the shingles and to stop me getting ill again?

After years of perfect health I am really struggling with all these illnesses and I'm really concerned about what I might get next. Its also a constant reminder of the miscarriage which isnt helping my mental health.
Any replies gratefully received.

nethunsreject Thu 22-Sep-11 12:27:35

you poor thing sad

Rest (ha ha!) good food, gentle excercise. How's your iron levels? ANd zinc? They are often on the low side.

Personally, I think supplements are a waste of time and money. I prefer to spend the money on extra fruit and veg, but it's personal choice. Sometimes just the placebo of taking a pill is enough for some.

Has she checked your thyroid and done a fbc?

Matronalia Thu 22-Sep-11 12:45:15

The doctor didn't test anything, she just diagnosed shingles and told me my immune system was low after the miscarriage. She said I needed to rest more, and eat better. I know I have been mildly anaemic for a few years and Spatone usually helps with that, when I remember to take it. I don't know about the zinc, how would I know if I was deficient? I am really reluctant to google as I have terrified myself already reading about shingles complications.

She also told me that I wasn't to do any exercise at all with the shingles. Unfortunately my 6 year old and 2 year old don't agree!

nethunsreject Thu 22-Sep-11 12:58:49

She should run basic round of bloods with anything like this. Most of us are low in zinc - you get it in shellfish I think? No, I don't imagine there is anything bad going on, but fbc, thyroid function, etc are just basic care really! If eg your thyroid was a bit off then you're not going to feel perkier till that that addressed. Likewise, the Hg level. You are probably 'just' (HA!) run down, but that should be her first action.

Matronalia Thu 22-Sep-11 13:25:43

She didnt mention anything about that, I was in there for about three minutes. I know it takes a week or so to get an appointment to have blood taken with the surgery phlebotomist as the doctors don't take blood themselves.

If I feel worse and have to go back I'll push for tests to find out if there is anything wrong with my thyroid etc.

I'll investigate how to get more zinc in my diet too, thank you.

Beaaware Thu 22-Sep-11 14:11:29

You could try 'Immunovite' to boost your immune system and 'Foundation Formula 1 or 2' for all around multi-vtamin & mineral intake both from Cytoplan Ltd and vegan friendly.

Meteorite Thu 22-Sep-11 16:11:51

You could try a probiotic supplement too.

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