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Back pain now for a year after birth - any suggestions?

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whitsun Thu 22-Sep-11 04:42:04

Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone had pack pain following the pregancy and birth and if so, what sort of treatment did they get for it?

I did not have SPD or other specific back problems during pregnancy, but since my son was born I have slept very badly because my back locks up if I lie still for too long, esp. flat on my back (and I was so looking forward to sleeping that way again!). I though it was just recovery from c-section etc. - then one day realised that my son is now 16 months old and I still have it. I am very careful about my lifting practices.

I have never had problems with my back and have no idea who to see about it, if at all. Can anyone share a similar experience they've had?

chrchrch Thu 22-Sep-11 09:37:33

We often underestimate the hammering a body takes from the massive change in activity, nutrition, etc from before pregnancy until now. As well as a visit to the GP in case there's something else happening, it could be you need general strengthening and rebalancing; if your hospital doesn't have post-natal therapy e.g. exercise classes, physio, perhaps have a look around locally for something like yoga and pilates type classes? May also give you a short break to clear your mind and re-train the body into well-ness again, and some bonding time for DP with DS. Hope it gets better soon.

KellyKettle Thu 22-Sep-11 13:29:09

I had this too after my DD was born and, like you, realised one day - when she was almost 18 months old, that it perhaps wasn't normal.

My GP referred me for physio which really helped but I have found in this pregnancy the pain has returned. I had more physio which helped but it's chiropractic and yoga which has really made a difference.

I agree with chrchrch, start with your GP and go from there. Good luck!

Mandy2003 Thu 22-Sep-11 19:45:06

Did you have an epidural? I wouldn't for fear my back would object long-term. But I still had hip/back pain for quite a while. Eventually I had 2 sessions of chiropractic (not via GP) and solved immediately.

KellyKettle Fri 23-Sep-11 02:48:31

Yes, my hip/lower back pain was better after 1 chiro session & solved within 2. I was a but sceptical but have been really pleased with the results.

whitsun Fri 23-Sep-11 02:56:37

Thanks for your comments, folks. Glad to know I am not the only one. I did have an epidural, having laboured for 24 hours before my emergency c-section. It had not occured to me this might be the cause, but anything is possible.

The really odd thing is that my back is fine during the day - only get pain and seizing up at night while I am trying to sleep:0

Will try for the excerzise first I think - Im a full time working mum, and DH is full time at home Dad, so he gets PLENTY bonding time, but a little more wont hurtsmile

KellyKettle Fri 23-Sep-11 07:22:09

I was just going to ask if you were breastfeeding because my physic had said this would be a contributing factor (u couldn't find anything to back this up though),

Mine was always worse in the morning and I too had an epidural and a spinal block eventually.

A colleague of mine had warned me that she suffered back pain post epi but her GP didn't believe her. I only remembered afterwards her saying "if you have an epidural and end up with back pain, insist on physio".

Maybe give chiropractic a try? I had my first appointment last Monday, in for tts results on Tuesday. First adjustments Tuesday & Thursday and have been perfect since.

Samvet Fri 23-Sep-11 07:26:25

Pilates pilates pilates to strengthen weakened abdominal muscles. Godsend for me.

Mandy2003 Fri 23-Sep-11 08:49:50

This many people blame the epidural for their back pain (probably the sort of thing I read before I went into labour!

But this says it might not be so!

BitFuzzled Fri 23-Sep-11 09:24:01

Have you ever had a bad fall and injured your back? I had terrible back pain after DC2 and GP sent me for X rays. Turned out that fall I had at 12 years old had caused some damage in my lower back. It didn't cause any trouble until I'd had two pregnancies.

Yes, Samvet - pilates, pilates, pilates.

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