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Colposcopies and after

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Malcontentinthemiddle Tue 20-Sep-11 21:39:38

hello, and blush

had my third colposcopy on Friday and all seemed well but I've been crampy today and had a sort of grey thing as discharge today.... I haven't had this before, and am looking for a bit of reassurance, if possible.

I didn't really bleed afterwards and had sex on Saturday, but now I'm worried I shouldn't have.

BelaLugosidreamsofzombiesheep Tue 20-Sep-11 22:06:11

Did you have any treatment? Usually the advice is not have have intercourse afterwards for a few weeks.
On further reflection, I wonder if they applied silver nitrate to stop some bleeding which could then come out greyish.

Were you given an aftercare leaflet and what did that say?

Malcontentinthemiddle Tue 20-Sep-11 22:10:14

All the leaflet said was not to have sex until you'd stopped bleeding..... just had the thing itself, no diatherms or anything.

You may be right about the silver nitrate though!

BelaLugosidreamsofzombiesheep Tue 20-Sep-11 22:14:27

What did you have done, colposcopy only?
Might be worth giving the colp clinic a call just to check, they'll be able to advise whether they think you should see them or your GP and they should have noted down what was done at your appt.

Malcontentinthemiddle Tue 20-Sep-11 22:17:59

yeah, just the colposcopy..... yeah perhaps I should, thanks.

BelaLugosidreamsofzombiesheep Tue 20-Sep-11 22:40:47

Hope you're ok and they can reassure you smile

Malcontentinthemiddle Tue 20-Sep-11 22:44:18

thank you x

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