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Diabetic maculopathy

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agedknees Tue 20-Sep-11 17:52:23

Had my eye test yesterday (normal one, not diabetic) at specsavers. They take a photograph of your retina now (for everyone, not just diabetics). Anyway, they have detected some changes in my retina.

I had my last diabetic eye test last December, eyedrops and all. They did not use eye drops this time,would that make a difference on the photo?

Optician going to write to my gp. Apart from getting my blood sugars down to stop any further damage is there anything else I can do?

ChuffMuffin Wed 21-Sep-11 10:26:08

Not a lot really I don't think. If you're due in December I think the earliest you can be retested is November. but they would do exactly the same, refer you to your GP. Don't panic smile

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