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What the hell is happening? Hormones I reckon.

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LizaTarbucksNonSmokingAuntie Tue 20-Sep-11 08:52:31

Can someone talk to me about peri-menopause please? I feel sure there is something odd going on with me and and I'm not confident I can cope with living in my current state of anxiety - going to the GP this afternoon.

I've just turned 40 - so I don't know if that too young? I'm not sleeping, I'm suffering hideous mood swings (like pre menstrual temper - and I don't usually even get that too badly) but this is every day. I'm very very anxious and panicky - particularly in relation to my health and feel a bit hypochondriac-y I do feel like sobbing my head off this morning which is very unlike me

I just said to DH this morning nothing in particular is making me feel cross or anxious, but on the other hand EVERYTHING is making me cross and anxious - that's not related to stopping smoking though as it's been gaining momentum all year and gets slightly better with rescue remedy/kalms tablets/aromatherapy so I'm guessing it's age related hormonal stuff rather than an actual heart attack/stroke etc

We have had a busy year, got married, continuing stress with exh and going to court over contact with littlemad, DH's father being very ill (though improving now) and both our Grandmothers dying (my Grans funeral tomorrow) so I don't know if it's just all that finally catching up or if I'm being a bit pathetic.

Any words of wisdom?

By they way - are you getting the impression that I'm feeling a bit anxious and panicky? grin

sailorsgal Tue 20-Sep-11 10:13:25

Just a tad. smile

There is a menopause section on mumsnet so maybe repost there aswell.

It could be the peri menopause, sounds similiar to mine though it sounds that you have been through a stressful time. Do you have a mirena coil? I just ask that as some women have this type of reaction to it.

I went privately and had some blood tests which did show changes in my hormone levels. My GP wasn't very sympathetic and said it was just my age and get over it. hmm

I started to exercise a lot, eat a healthy diet. I take b vitamins and magnesium which are good for anxiety. I meditate and practice yoga daily. I am sleeping really well too. If you need any more info am happy to help.

LizaTarbucksNonSmokingAuntie Tue 20-Sep-11 10:17:44

thank you! My lovely boss has come in this morning and I've had a good weep at her...very unlike me. I don't have a coil, I had an implant removed as it's 3 years were up in Feb, but I'd noticed that I was getting overly hormonal then.

Will check out the menopause section too, thank you again, you're very kind.

sailorsgal Tue 20-Sep-11 10:21:20

Your doctor may say you have depression but that also can be a symptom of early menopause. You won't get better over night but you will get better. Good luck at the doctors.

LizaTarbucksNonSmokingAuntie Tue 20-Sep-11 10:35:13

Thanks and I've re-posted over there.

LizaTarbucksNonSmokingAuntie Tue 20-Sep-11 18:09:29

oh, what a suprise, I've got depression.

he did agree to the blood test though so long as I went home and asked my husband if he thought I was depressed...I went What the actual fuck - did I mistakenly book an appointment in 1953?

I did ask Dh when I got home, he laughed his ample ass off and refused to get involved, rightly so.

I've taken some angus whatsit recommended on here and already feel better I'll carry on with that until the bloods come back, then we'll see.

Perhaps all I need to perk me up is a nice new pinny or something.

sailorsgal Tue 20-Sep-11 19:01:39

At least you still have your sense of humour! grin

On a serious note though try to take time to relax and look after yourself. x

LizaTarbucksNonSmokingAuntie Tue 20-Sep-11 19:11:18

After tomorrow I'm taking the rest of the week off as it's has been a bit front loaded this week and littlemad is off with his Dad from Thrusday til next monday.

Suspect DH will be looking after me and making sure I don't get to worried about things like colour schemes for the bathroom, or other suitable womanly worries....

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