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Cortisone injections

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frostyfingers Tue 20-Sep-11 08:44:53

I've had bursitis in my hip for almost a year now and after the failure of anti inflammatories had a cortisone injection in February. It was incredibly painful, but did work for about 6 weeks but the bursitis gradually reappeared over the summer.

After an x ray in August showed nothing untoward I had another cortisone injection 5 weeks ago which has had no effect at all. It was less painful this time, and I had a spectacular bruise which I didn't have before, which makes me wonder if it didn't go in the right place.

The doctor has said I can go on having these injections, and that nothing else really question is, do I keep at it? They're horrible (I've had them in my shoulder before which was also grim), and if they don't always hit the spot I'm not sure I can face it again.

Does physio have any effect, or should I just ask for painkillers and get on with it? It is pretty painful and I can't sit in one position for long, or lie on that side, but I'm getting used to it.....Any ideas for a different treatment would be great, or you can try and convince me that injections are the only way!

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