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Hand, Foot and Mouth - How did it progress in your DC

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Stickwithit Mon 19-Sep-11 16:06:00

DS (4.5) has got hand, foot and mouth.

He has had cold like symptoms and been hot and cold for a few days. Last night I noticed red spots inside his cheeks. This morning they had gone white and he said his mouth was a bit sore.

He has lost his appetite a bit but is still eating and drinking. He seems no worse this afternoon. He has no rash or blisters anywhere else. I am fairly sure this is HFandM as a few of his friends had it last week. Some of them were really really poorly.

I am so hoping that it is not going to get any worse for him but I am not sure how long it could take to 'peak'.

Can anyone share their experiences, especially at what point was it at its worst?

Thank you.

PaigeTurner Mon 19-Sep-11 20:33:48

DS was very poorly with it a few weeks ago (but he is only 8mo). He had bad blisters all around the outside of his mouth, on arms and legs as well as feet and hands and inside mouth/throat. He was quite miserable when the blisters appeared (on day 2) and for a few days afterwards, then it started clearing up. GP said usually it is milder and children aren't too bothered by it.

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