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Varicose vein -treatment options and cost if private?

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theredsalamander Mon 19-Sep-11 15:39:02

I realise that in comparison with other medical problems it is really rather minor but its having a big impact on how I feel about myself and I could do with some advice.

I can't get it done on the NHS because although it hurts me it needs to be an actual wound before they'd consider treatment.

My varicose vein on one leg that from my groin to the middle of my calf. It doesn't often hurt massively (although I am always aware of it- itching/throbbing/ a bit sore etc) but I am so self conscious of it that it really has knocked my confidence. It is like a huge bumpy long piece of overstretched elastic, about 1 inch wide that runs down the front of my thigh, round the side of my knee then half way down to the other side of my calf. So that it's not visible, I have to wear trousers or long skirts only- opaque tights/leggings and knee length skirts are out as the bumpiness or disolouration still shows through. This might not sound like a terrible thing but I am a confirmed skirt wearer- or was before Mr. Vein appeared whilst pg with DS1 7 years ago sad

It makes me feel rubbish having to wear clothes that I feel unattractive in and that I haven't chosen because I like them, but because they cover up my legs. (Not that my legs are that good in the first place but not so awful that they'd require covering if Mr V wasn't there!)

My GP referred me to the hospital but the consultant said that whilst he could see the vein might be considered unsightly, unless it had bled/ulcerated at some point then he wouldn't treat them. I came out of there near to tears as I was made to feel so vain (not a pun honest) and as if I was wasting precious NHS time. I can understand this point of view, but it doesn't help me feel any better.

There is a private hospital nearby that treats varicose veins- does anyone have any idea of the ballpark figure for the various (ha not varicose!) treatment options? Or any experience of having them done? Sympathies if so- to get to the stage where they're bad enough to treat (either costmetically or medically) isn't nice.

CMOTdibbler Mon 19-Sep-11 15:51:41

£1896 according to the BMI hospital treastment cost list - I think all the providers have a webpage with package costs, or you can phone the hospital and ask - they are used to the question

theredsalamander Mon 19-Sep-11 16:00:50

Oh blimey heck sad

Thank you for info though. Just got the hospital's phone no, will be asking directly.

gailforce1 Mon 19-Sep-11 20:43:20

Are you in the South? If so a Dr friend recommended Mark Whiteley at the Whiteley clinic in Guildford. An excellent surgeon and specialist in vascular work.

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