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Stomach swelling 6 months after c-section

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EllieBellyMummy Mon 19-Sep-11 13:31:10

Hi. In March this year I had a very bad labour where both sides of my uterus got ripped during an emergency c-section, I lost over 3 pints of blood and had to have a blood transfusion. I had to have internal stitches to repair my uterus and was very poorly for a while. I'm better now and feel really good.

Since then I have been eating healthily, doing exercise and still breastfeeding my LO. I've lost over 2 stone so far and back to my pre-pregnancy weight (although my body shape is very different!) BUT I am struggling to wear any type of trousers other than one pair of jogging bottoms that I own.

If anything covers my tummy area it makes it swell up, so by the end of the day I look like I'm 5 or 6 months pregnant again. Jeans seem to rub against my c-section scar so don't feel comfortable, and leggings seem to "squash" my tummy which makes it swell, even if I buy a bigger size than what I am. Even wearing dresses hurt me if they're not really baggy.

Is this common/normal for people who have had c-sections or internal damage? I don't want to waste my doctors time by going to see him about it if it is a common problem.

Thehusbandsatcricketagain Mon 19-Sep-11 13:40:13

I had the same as you & ended up in intensive care.It probably took longer than 6 months to feel anwhere near normal in the stomach area but thats due to it being ripped to pieces.Even now a few years down the line things never seem the same for me

I would speak to your health visitor about it if you don't want to see the gp,she is after all a nurse & can advise you far better than we can.Speak to her just to put your mind at rest as if she is a good one she really wil not mind as a happy mummy means a happy baby

Do let me know though abought how you get on

crispface Mon 19-Sep-11 18:22:57

I had an emergency c-section, but with no complications - ie my uterus did not tear, and the procedure was "straightforward"

I have never had swelling when wearing tight jeans, and do not know anyone who has (and a few of my friends have had c-sections)

Obviously, I am no expert on how long you might be taking to heal, but to me it doesnt sound normal, and warrants a visit to the GP.

I hope this sorts itself out soon..

itchywitch Tue 20-Sep-11 09:01:28

I'd definitely see your GP, esp if you are in pain. But if it makes you feel slightly better I have something similar happening with my leg which I broke a year ago and had 2 operations on. It still gets swollen and if I wear socks I get a deep indent from the band. No pain through for the last 6 months.

If your doctor is happy with it, maybe consider massage therapy for scars/swelling. I've had it recommended for my leg but haven't had the time or $$ to try it (of course I don't know if would suit an abdominal injury, you'd have to ask).

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