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should cannabis be legalized?

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magpienchips Mon 19-Sep-11 10:38:47

Have you been watching the lib dem conference?
if so you would have heard many of them calling for the legalization of you think that is the right thing to do?
are you a cannabis user?
if so what is it that appeals to you about it?
I am an ex cannabis user and my reason for using it was because I have always been socially shy and I had a tendency to get panic attacks when with a group of people even if I knew them well.
now I knew that I did not want to hide away at home and so what I used to do was buy a bottle of strong bow cider and drink as much of it in one go because I found that it calmed my nerves.
and then I would roll a joint and smoke it and then I found that I felt more relaxed and able to face people.
I 'll never forget the first time I ever tried cannabis and I was amazed to find how relaxed I felt and from that day I virtually smoked it everyday and when I didn't have money I would get it on tick( that was the commonly used term for getting a 'draw' from a dealer and paying him back when I had money.)
of course because my habit was immense I quickly ran up debts with different dealers and because I spent so much money everyday on drugs and clothes
I would always end up in debt with dealers.
I even used to get subs at work to get money to buy more drugs and so by friday I had virtually spent my weeks wages.
quite naturally I ended up virtually penniless with a bad dug habit.
eventually I got off drugs and now my life is much better.
but my point is the pattern I developed of spending much of my income on drugs and then getting drugs on tick when my money ran out is what tends to happen with drug users.
and one man at the lib dem conference yesterday spoke about his son who died
and had been a cannabis user who also spent most of his money on it and also ran up debts and eventually his life started going downhill.
he died after he swallowed packets of drugs and one of them burst inside him.
his father was clearly still very heartbroken which is understandable...I can't remember if he called for the legalization of cannabis, but his main point was that this cannabis caused his son to die and therefore it can't be a good thing.
everyone has their own reason for using I mentioned I started using drugs to help myself cope with terrible social shyness and panic attacks but Rather than it helping me as I thought it would it just created more problems and reduced me to virtual poverty.
simply cause I spent so much money on it and I relied on it to boost my self confidence and so when I didn't have it I was even more nervous and could not sleep at night until I had another joint.
trust me, using cannabis is not a wise thing to do...just like smoking cigarettes
it is an expensive habit that robs you not just of what money you have but it also robs you of your health.
the lovely white teeth we are born with for example turn a horrible yellow...and your fingers...and if you could see what it does to our formerly healthy clean lungs etc, we would likely have nightmares for a long time after.
I am still socially shy but the panic attacks are less frequent and best of all I finally realize that I can face life and people with having a cannabis joint or alcohol...I just didn't believe in myself enough when I was young and so I wrongly thought that cannabis was the answer.
I'm all for Healthy Habits and legalizing cannabis is in my opinion like someone walking onto a slippery slope and then being surprised when you literally start slipping down and down till you hit rock bottom.
it is far better to walk on the straight and narrow path where there no obstacles in your way causing you to stumble.
what do you Think?
if you are a parent of young children surely you are concerned for their safety?
also since we live in a democracy you have the right to object if the government decided to legalize cannabis which would then lay your children open to the temptation to start using it freely just as people do with cigarettes
only to end up literally hurting themselves with the dealers get richer as more and more people walk into their trap.
surely it is better to teach young ones about the dangers of drug use and tobacco too.
alcohol can ruin lives but if consumed in moderation it is better than cigarettes and cannabis and other drugs.
I'm sorry it's such a long Thread but I think it is a subject well worth discussing.
after-all should politicians be legalizing health damaging financially draining things?
shouldn't they be promoting healthy things to the hilt?
I know people like to make their own mind up about what they do in life
but surely you agree that we should not promote things that damage our health and cause people to become penniless?
anyway please share your Thoughts.

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