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Back pain

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sittinginthesun Sun 18-Sep-11 17:00:46

I've had a bad back on and off for years. It can be fine for a year, and then, for no apparent reason, is agony for months.

I've been told it's a soft tissue problem, so thought it was untreatable, but have finally decided to sort it out, and am seeing a great osteopath.

It's all a bit complicated - something to do with my pelvis causing my spine to twist, four vertebra moving and all the associated muscles lockIng. Apparently it's probably been getting worse for 20 years!

He's trying to coax the muscles to release so he can sort out the vertebra and wants ms to gave an MRI scan, which I'm really nervous about.

In the meantime, it's really aching. I'm lying on a hot water bottle right now. It's making me grumpy, and to top it all, he's suggested I don't do exercise (I love yoga and tennis) for a few weeks until he gets the main muscles sorted, so I feel unfit and lethargic.

Stupid, but I was in tears this morning.

Just wanted to have a moan.

ell1 Sun 18-Sep-11 20:50:22

Hiya, I have great sympathy for you. I too have suffered with back pain for around 7 years now, I was forced to leave my job because of it. My case is different to yours, i suffered 3 prolapsed discs and had an operation on the one that was causing me the most problems. I was in a wheelchair for weeks leading up to the Operation, now I get by, but the pain has never really gone away completely, I use a walking stick now and again....I'm 37 :0(

i just wondered if u had tried a Tens machine? I have had two one that was a basic version then last year my Mam bought me one that also gave out heat, I found it helped a lot. I also visit a physiotherapist now and again and find this very good.
I live in London, not sure where abouts u live? If u did live nearby I could give u their address (but thats a long shot).

I just wanted to reply really to let u know u are not alone! x x x

keanda Mon 19-Sep-11 10:31:43

I've suffered from chronic back pain for the last 11 years and the pain can be manageable sometimes and at other times I can barely get around the house.
I have had 2 mri's but nothing showed up, basically told to managed the pain the best I could with pain relief. I have tried every type of alternative treatment from acupuncture, osteopath, chiropracter, physio, tens machine, homeopathic etc but didnt have much relief (cost quite a lot of money also). I was having a severe flare up and someone suggested trying Bowen Therapy which I had never heard of before. I was surprised at how quickly the treatment worked and although it hasnt cured the problem it has made a massive difference and it doesnt require lots of treatments either. Another thing that I was told to do was to have a bath with "epson salts" in it and not to make the bath too hot. For me it helps with the pain as it helps reduce inflammation (I cant take anti-inflammatory medication). Exercise is the last thing you want to do with back pain but simple stretching and moving (even if it is sitting in a chair) does help and prevents your mobility from deteriorating.

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