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Very painful arm - worried

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RoseWei Sat 17-Sep-11 21:39:15

Anyone any advice or ideas? Right arm suddenly became painful two weeks ago. Starting from the elbow and shooting pains down the arm. Arm felt hot and the shooting and stinging pains were terrible and so unexpected.

Something akin to a pin prick on the inside elbow suggested that perhaps this was an insect bite or something along those lines.

Went to a NHS walk-in centre (great idea, those) and bloods were taken. Result normal so doctor thought that perhaps it was something to do with the cartilage having been scrapped. But still the pains persist. And tonight, I am feeling particularly weak with them.

Now, tonight, the pain is a combination of dull aches and sharp stabbing pains in the arm, again in the inside elbow area. I haven't been to a GP apart from at the walk-in because, in fact, I don't have one. Very long story and I know I should sign on again. Not sure I can go to A and E with this - but I'm beginning to worry this being something altogether more serious, perhaps to do with the nerves.

I witter on - I will see a GP next week about this but I wonder if anyone has had anything similar. Praying it's all and nothing.

lookbutdonttouch Sat 17-Sep-11 21:59:04

Ooh, ouch. Bursitis? That is an infections/inflammation type thing I believe...

Are you taking anything? Try ibuprofen if you can take it?

Def get to a gp on Monday... NHS direct in the meantime if you can't wait and don't fancy a and e at the weekend...

RoseWei Mon 19-Sep-11 16:18:57

Thanks look - this is helpful. Looked up symtoms on nhs site and it's possible. Will mention as possibility to GP. Thanks again for prompt response.

winnybella Mon 19-Sep-11 16:38:54

There is something, perhaps that lookbutdonttouch is talking about, that is basically an inflammation of the little sac filled with liquid that's located on the tip of the elbow.

It's totally possible for the pain to be felt in your arm as well afaik.

But do get it checked out if it doesn't improve in a week or so.

FWIW I had few months ago a similar thing where I had these horrible shooting pains all over my limbs. It went away after a week confused My elbows hurt a lot as well as the long bones in my arms.

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