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I am shedding my skin like a lizard

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iarebaboon Thu 15-Sep-11 21:45:56

ive been cursed with a lifetime of chronically itchy, flakey scalp. It itches, violently, constantly. My shoulders are always covered in a thick snow of flakes bits has Bern variously diagnosed over the years as dermatitis / psoriasis etc. I've has lotions, potions, creams and ointments. I've tried homeopathy, seaweed from the dead sea, natural shampoo, no shampoo. It seems it's with me for life

Ive also got an area of lumpy, bumpy almost but not quite scales all over the back of one lower arm, this doesn't itch. It looks almost like a burn

I have the same over part of my back and one hip

I have different looking, not itchy but rough, thick scaly bits on the top of each foot

My hands are peely and so dry they snag silk tops

Seriously, what the hell can I do? I'm pretty disgusting. As I say I've had the scalp thing all my life and have periodically asked a doctor about it. Not once has one shown any interest whatsoever in a boring, general, non specific skin issue that I guess they know there is no cure for. But I'm sick of it. I want smooth, pretty skin sad.

Not sure what I'm hoping for but maybe the magic of mumsnet xan bring me some salvation

KashaUK Thu 15-Sep-11 23:27:54

No shampoo would have been my suggestion for the hair (did you use BS/ACV, CO, WO or something else when going shampoo-free?), and no soap or washes on the skin - I still stand by both, SLS's are horrifically bad for the skin and well known for chronic peeling, anything foaming is best avoided no matter what.

Lotions, potions, creams and ointments - oils? Oiling the scalp, the skin, Oil Cleansing Method on your face, trying different oils, etc.

How about yeast treatments? - fungus can cause problems (I know it's a long shot, and it's not nice being told fungus may be an issue, but it's a thought)

With doctors I think you REALLY have to push them, get a referral and demand to be taken seriously, at least to try to determine the cause of the problem. I'd still also say to keep on with 'alternative' schools of thought too, quite often the natural living folks are better clued-up on these things than many professionals.

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