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Shorter/closer together periods

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itsallgoneabitMrBloom Thu 15-Sep-11 13:25:43

Hope not TMI!
I am 41, no history of early menopause in mum mums side of family (not sure on my dads) My periods have always been fairly regular heavy the 1st 3 days normally 5+days, have recently declined - still heavy for 3 days then v.scant for a day then nothing. They were normally about 28 days and I think I have just come on which would be 24 days this time.
I was having a slight pain on my right hand side too - top of belly about 6" down from ribs and down near hip joint just fleating not agony.
I have seen the GP and he has booked me in for a scan which would be in the next 6 weeks. I dont get any bloating, not had any unintentional weight loss. Not pregnant.
A bit worried, I need a bit or reassurance, has anyone else had any problems like this and what was the outcome?

tallulah Sat 17-Sep-11 11:14:38

Mine suddenly got lighter and went down to 3 weeks between them. Went to GP who checked bloods and did an internal. No obvious cause. That went on for about 6-7 months and now it's all changed again. My last one lasted about 9 days and was fairly light. This one has been heavy from day one. I think it is all age related once you get into your 40s sad .

Would still get checked by GP tho.

itsallgoneabitMrBloom Fri 30-Sep-11 17:01:48

Thanks for your reply.
I had an internal ultrasound today, they could see no problems with anything in there all looking ok, ovaries, linings etc (what a relief smile) so hopefully just one of those things?
I will have to see GP next week and blood tests will probably be the next step I would expect.

AngryFeet Fri 30-Sep-11 17:04:33

I have this problem - periods used to be 28 day cycle but are now anywhere from 16-26 day cycles. GP doesn't seem to think this is an issue so no answers for you I'm afraid. I am 32 though so less likely to be peri-menopausal I guess...

forkful Sun 02-Oct-11 15:47:38

When my cycles start to drift down from 28/27 days towards 21 days hmm I take Agnus Castus. It's a herb and has been used for centuries for PMT and to regulate periods.

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