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Restless leg syndrome

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olibeansmummy Tue 13-Sep-11 22:34:21

I'm pretty certain I'm suffering from this, should I go to the drs or would they just laugh at me? I mean it's not exactly life threatening but it's so god damn irritating, especially when dh keeps on at me to keep still and I can't! I'm on Prozac, which seems to be indicated as a cause of RLS but I don't want to come off it as it's really helping my depression. Also has anyone got any tips to improve the condition?

KashaUK Tue 13-Sep-11 23:27:50

Would your doctor laugh at you for going to them about a medical condition?
No, they really wouldn't, two very good reasons for this;

1. Even if RLS isn't a life threatening condition it is a condition that is progressive and can seriously disrupt your life.

2. If it's secondary it may be down to being on Prozac, but it may also be down to something else such as iron deficiency or thyroid problems.

Go to see your doctor to rule out any underlying conditions that may be adding to the problem, your doctor should also then be able to prescribe medication to help (provided that it doesn't mess with your Prozac of course) - although note they often give dopamine agonists such as Ropinirole as a first medication option, which can make the condition one told me that before they put me on Ropinirole and I swear I nearly sawed my bloody legs off!!

Get yourself a good multivitamin/supplements, in particular focus on iron, calcium and magnesium. Get plenty of exercise. I'm also fond of those resistance bands you use during work-outs, they're quite a good way of moving your legs when sitting about.

There is some talk about dietary changes helping, but as I can't afford special diets I've not looked into it much. Go check out all the posts on the WeMove forum for RLS for more ideas and support -

Shutupanddrive Wed 14-Sep-11 09:57:42

I had this during pregnancy. The only things I found helpful were getting up and walking around, or lying on the bed with my legs on the wall, so basically stretching them. Also I remember that eating a couple of bananas a day was good because of the potassium they contain. Worth a try? And I would go to your gp for sure

lovecorrie Wed 14-Sep-11 10:05:52

It's hideous sad. I went to my doctor and she gave ame a very low dose of diazepam (2mg) to take just before going to sleep. I certainly don;t take it every night but when i do, it seems to have an effect. Stretching before bed can help too, but not a lot for me! Also, I am on venaxx which apparently can make it worse. It's just the most irritating thing ever - and you just cannot explain it to anyone!

Suzy75 Wed 14-Sep-11 18:18:47

Hi there,
Restless legs are awful. I've had it for months now and thankfully its gradually its improvingr. I went to see my GP and had various blood tests and it turn out I was aneamic. My heamaglobin was only 9mmols - normal should be over 11.5mmols. So now I've got months of iron tablets to take.

Thankfully I've noticed a slow improvement and I am very relieved. It was awful and there was little I could do to relieve it. I just kept jumping up and I was never able to sit still.

Go to your Gp and have a blood test to check everything is well.

My DH has it also - but his is due to his medication - which he can't stop. Thankfully he had a good GP and put him on a drug called Pramipexole and this solved his problems straight away! Have a look at the link below - but first things first - see you GP!


olibeansmummy Wed 14-Sep-11 18:24:19

Thanks ladies smile stretching does help but only while I'm stretching lol

Kasha uk i think the name makes it sound like not a "proper" condition iyswim but it's nice to see other drs have taken it seriously. I will definately go and get my iron levels checked as I had a pph after having ds and had iron while in hospital but have never had my iron levels checked since.

olibeansmummy Wed 14-Sep-11 18:26:58

Yes Suzy it is soooo annoying especially as dh thinks I'm just wriggling about to annoy him! I'll make an appt to see my dr, just hate ringing up ad the receptionists are so snooty about whether you warrant an appt!

Suzy75 Wed 14-Sep-11 20:56:26

Oilbean - you have just as much right to go and see your GP about your problems. Its a damn shame that we have to fight to get past the receptionists to get an appointment these days - and besides - who are they to question why your seeing your dr anyway. Are they medically trained - no they are not.
Go make an appointment - you'll be sorted soon enough! Take care.

KashaUK Wed 14-Sep-11 21:26:50

Yeah, the name sounds silly and doesn't get across what it is like.

There's a push to get it re-named as 'Willis-Ekbom disease', which does sound a lot better...until you accidently call it 'Ekbom syndrome' instead - which is a condition where people have the delusional belief that they are infested with parasites (bugs crawling under the skin) - Willis-Ekbom v's Ekbom; the difference between a disease and being a bit of a mentalist, lol.

SpanglyGiraffe Thu 15-Sep-11 22:31:28

I suffered terribly with this while i was pregnant, it really is hideous! I found sticking my feet in a bowl of cold water seemed to help.. i could never do it for too long, as my feet felt they were going to fall off, but it definitely used to help for a short while! I hope your GP can sort something out for you smile

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