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Had a scan last week now been summoned to docs to discuss, I am scared

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mummytopebs Tue 13-Sep-11 20:47:44

Had a pelvic scan last week as keep having tummy pains and bloating and have really heavy periods. I thought when I had it they had seen something as she called someone else in and then did an internal scan as well.

Had a telephone call from gp today asking me to go in tomorrow. I am really scared.

GilbonzoTheSecretPsychoCunt Tue 13-Sep-11 20:48:47

<virtual hand to hold>

How's your dd doing now?

mummytopebs Tue 13-Sep-11 21:16:24

Not to good at the minute sad She is having constant allergies, wwe still dont know what to, she has just been diagnosed as having kidney reflux and her colour changes have started again as the weather gets colder. Thats part of the reason I am so scared for tomorrow, I have been that busy concentrating on her have kind of ignored myself. Only went to gp as my friend who is a nurse felt my tummy the other week and said she could feel something. I am hoping it is an ovarian cyst and not a tumour or anything scary like that

shocked2 Tue 13-Sep-11 21:17:10

Hi mummytopebs - I really sympathise - I am having a CT scan in two weeks and cannot eat already now for what I might be told afterwards. I am thinking of you now and tomorrow.

pinkytheshrinky Tue 13-Sep-11 21:19:58

I was thinking about your little girl the other day and wondered how she was doing.

I am holding your hand and I will be thinking of you x

mummytopebs Tue 13-Sep-11 21:28:48

Thanks x I knew they had seen something as it was supposed to be just an ultrasound scan but she called the other radiologist over and then did an internal scan to and send I should hear within a week (I know from experience with dd they usually take 2-3 weeks).

Shocked2 I doubt I will sleep much tonight and the appt not till 3pm tomorrow sad

nomorelego Tue 13-Sep-11 21:31:26

I had a scan a few weeks ago and they told me to expect to hear in a week to 10 days and the GP got the results back within the week. It was nothing serious. That was just how quick the turnaround was. Hope it goes ok for you tomorrow.

shocked2 Tue 13-Sep-11 21:33:07

Maybe line up a stack of lighthearted DVDs to watch - distraction being better than worry. Is there someone who can stay up with you / chat? However, I think if something had been seriously wrong they would have got your gp to get in touch with you the same day / next day or told you themselves?

Smadarama Tue 13-Sep-11 21:37:24

Just wanted to wish you good luck. I had similar symptoms and went for a scan a couple of weeks ago - was worried sick. Turns out I've just got fibroids. I'm hoping you find that it's something easily treatable. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

chocolatchaud Tue 13-Sep-11 21:38:02

I had a scan for similar symptoms to yours - they automatically did external and internal, as she explained there were things you couldn't see from the external one alone. I would imagine they asked someone else in either as a chaperone, or because they specialised in that part of the scan.

I was told that they would email the results to the GP that day, so don't panic about the speed.

It may be that the scan has shown nothing and the GP wants to talk to you about other possibilities.

Hope you are okay - it's horrible waiting x

mummytopebs Tue 13-Sep-11 21:43:05

Thanks you have all reassured me a little. What are fibroids?

nomorelego Tue 13-Sep-11 22:36:00

Fibroids are a gristly growth in your womb. That's what mine turned out to be although they didn't see that on the scan!
There's some useful info on them here - nothing alarming!

lisad123 Tue 13-Sep-11 22:40:05

Hope it's all ok, I got called to GP once just to be told my bloods were slightly off and they wanted to do them again hmm
It's likely they have to have two people in for an internal scan, it's nit so easy to control and look at machine when it's down there blush
Hope it's ok and dd is doing better x

LaBag Wed 14-Sep-11 02:56:02

Mummy - Most GPs won't ever discuss their findings over the phone and ask patients to visit them. This (should) mean that when people are called in they don't panic. Easier said than done - but your doc will just be following his practice procedure.

lifeohlife Wed 14-Sep-11 05:17:02

you can ask the sonographer if there's anything that's of concern in there. She will check the ovaries and womb and be able to tell if there are cysts. Of course they aren;t obliged to say anything and some hospitals may ahve to follwo that protocol but you can say you have been really worried to the point of not eating or sleeping and see what she says.

lifeohlife Wed 14-Sep-11 05:22:48

oops sorry..misread your first post... it s true that GPs receptionists won't say anything over the phone (was this from who the call was?) They might have called you in so they can still follow up why you are getting heavy periods.. cause even if it was a 'simple' cyst they would still perhaps want to sort these out. Good luck! Let us know how it goes. I once had an internal scan (these are quite normal as it's hard to get detail on a belly one) and the sonographer left me in the room (with the probe inside me) to go and find a dr to look at it (so that was scary). It turned out to be a dermoid cyst..which was fine.

Iamseeingstars Wed 14-Sep-11 05:35:07

As horrendous and worrying as it is, it is better to be seen and sorted, than having a delay.

EttiKetti Wed 14-Sep-11 06:24:07

Gynae scans are just days for results here and our GP ALWAYS calls you in for results. Hope its nothing to worry about smile

GilbonzoTheSecretPsychoCunt Wed 14-Sep-11 06:47:57

Good luck today mummytopebs.

RabbitPie Wed 14-Sep-11 08:23:38

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

lisad123 Wed 14-Sep-11 16:43:47

how did it go?

saggarmakersbottomknocker Wed 14-Sep-11 18:40:31

Hope it went OK today mummytopebs. Just to say that I'm another whose had thois scan recently and the internal part is quite routine.

Sorry to read it's still all ongoing with dd.

Smadarama Thu 15-Sep-11 20:17:04

Hope you are ok mummytopebs.

mummytopebs Fri 16-Sep-11 09:33:47

Hi everything was fine in fact the doctor was unsure why the radiologist had suggested a review!!!!! The only thing she said was a bit strange was that the radiologist had commented that there was some fluid in the base of my womb, the gp didnt know what this meant!!!!! and is going to ring the radiologist to ask them. She said if I call in a week she will tell me wether it is significant or not. So that was a big help NOT. So do any of you ladies know what fluid in the base of your womb means, cos I dont know and apparently the doctor doesnt know lol

Smadarama Fri 16-Sep-11 10:04:55

So glad that it was nothing sinister. No idea about fluid sorry. Hope you find out soon...

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