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What can cause these symptoms?

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Tittytittybangbang Mon 12-Sep-11 10:14:18

I've had terrible pmt for a week - extremely sore breasts and I've become a mad axe murderer type too. I usually do get pmt but the sore breasts usually only last for 3-4 days before I get my period.
I've had very irregular periods (24-38 days) since dd was born and am currently on cd23. I had ov signs about 2 weeks ago.
We're not ttc and I don't think I'm pregnant but I have just done a negative early preg test. Also my usual pregnancy signs (having fallen pregnant 4 times) are period type cramps but I've not had any at all.
I'm 40 and I've been wondering recently if I'm peri menopausal. Could this be the cause? Or am I clutching at straws and the only possibility is pregnancy?

Tittytittybangbang Mon 12-Sep-11 12:29:04

Anyone?!? Sorry, shameless bump!

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