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Weird Dizzy Spell whilst Sitting?!

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FlyKiller Sun 11-Sep-11 14:50:43

Not been feeling quite right these past few weeks. Appetite has been totally off and I've been feeling stressed out, fed up and nauseous. A few days ago I was sitting watching a movie and felt suddenly light headed, as if my surroundings were moving. I thought it was another mini earthquake but nobody else seemed to feel it so I let it go.
Anyway about 15 minutes ago I was sat reading through mumsnet and all of a sudden the laptop started swimming around in front of me and I felt like someone had just picked up the room and shook it! I felt so disorientated and panicked. I've got my bearings again now but I still feel a bit light headed and sick.

Any idea what this could be?? I also feel a bit of a metallic taste in my mouth, could this be connected? And everything I used to love eating, I've suddenly gone off. Chocolate - I can take it or leave it (usually a chocoholic) and last night I bought myself a take-away korma (favourite food of all time!) had a mouthful of it and just couldn't be bothered to eat more. The rest of it went in the fridge for today and even then I had to force myself to eat it.

Any ideas?

(Pregnancy is impossible btw).

chipstick10 Sun 11-Sep-11 14:56:58

maybe an ear virus.

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