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Ripped toenail help please??

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agalchchangedhername Sun 11-Sep-11 07:42:14

Be very glad of any advice!!

Was out Friday and caught my big toenail on my cousins husbands shoe and ripped the toenail right back. Got home and my friend said it was at a 90 degree angle. She didn't know what to do so pushed it back down to stop it flapping and put on a plaster.
I spoke to a doc in NHS24 who said it will probably just fall off which i'm fine with. But my friend is scaring me silly and saying i could get an infection and it needs to be cleaned properly and poss taken off sad
I'm off to Turkey in 5 weeks so dont want to still be in agony. Should i go or not??

I am absolutely terrified by the way!!!

bagelmonkey Sun 11-Sep-11 15:53:42

Was there any bleeding? If the nail just bent back and didn't tear your nailbed or anything I don't see why it should be a problem in 5 weeks time.
If your toe got mangled you should get it seen as soon as you can.

maddiemostmerry Sun 11-Sep-11 21:51:28

It does depend on how badly damaged it is. My son ripped his almost off, it was removed at emergency care centre. It had to be dressed and sprayed with an iodine solution every few days for about two weeks.

Go to GP to get it looked at as there can be a risk of infection.

Hope it feels better soon, I know from ds how painful it is.

moragbellingham Mon 12-Sep-11 21:17:07

I had both mine ripped off within a year - one in a bus door.

GP said it was fine and would drop off but it got infected and had to be removed in A&E after 5 days and had antibiotics etc. for a couple of weeks so I would definitely go to a real live GP who can see/smell it and make a decision.
If you damage the nail bed it may not grow back normally again - mine did though.

agalchchangedhername Wed 14-Sep-11 14:15:06

Thanks all!!

Morag it's not showing any signs of falling off yet and after reading your post i am worried.... I will make an appointment for tommorow and leave it to my GP to decide what needs to happ

How bad was it having it removed. I am so scared sad

moragbellingham Sat 17-Sep-11 20:24:34

It was a relief to have it off really - no more catching on the bedclothes etc.
Apparently it sounded like a new jar of jam being opened when it was popped/pulled offgrin. I was so anaesthetised I didn't feel a thing.

fraktious Sat 17-Sep-11 20:37:13

My last one they pushed it back down and taped it to help it grow straight as the one before fell off and I have a wonky toenail as a result.

I'd keep it on but douse it in betadine and keep it covered with breathable gauze and micropore.

<accident prone toes>

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