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Breasts different sizes after recently stopping breastfeeding - resolution?

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NotJustAMumPlease Sat 10-Sep-11 08:56:59

I stopped bf this week, having taken 6 weeks to cut one feed per week. Wednesday night was the last feed - very sad. Now I realise I'm left with one breast larger than the other. Any thoughts on expressing from L (smaller) or R(larger) for a few days to 'even things out'? The difference is looking like at least a cup size.
Plus I did express a bit on Thursday night to ease the pressure overnight.

Not sure if post children having a boob op is my thing but have a few friends that are /have gone for that.

Iamseeingstars Sat 10-Sep-11 10:01:24

it will probably take a while to balance out. One of mine stayed larger for a long time, but I think it was because I favoured one side more than the other.

Let your body sort itself out before doing anything drastic, they will go back to normal

talking2myself Sat 10-Sep-11 12:48:20

This happened to me as well. My child favoured one side and as a result one breast eneded up flat as a pancake and the other was full (regular) size. It was pretty noticeable for the first several months after I stopped and I wore a lot of black tops to compensate! But my flat breast started to look a little fuller maybe 6months to a year later. I also started exercising again and lost some weight and my full size boob shrank and they started to look almost the same again. You could no longer notice in tops anyway.

I've regained some weight now and my fuller breast looks slightly bigger again so it might be a permanent problem in my case but I don't think anyone else would notice as it is now so I'm not too bothered.

So I would say wait a few months to a year at least to see how your body changes and how you feel then.

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