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Laparoscopic cholecystectomy - booked in for pre-surgery tests already. <gulp>

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BambinoBoo Fri 09-Sep-11 11:23:01

My doc has referred me for this op and I have a pre-surgery assessment on 21st. He reckons, I could have the op in as little as 8 weeks time after that. It's real now. I'm very frightened, although my non-wuss side keeps telling me that it's a routine and I'll be fine. I'm also anemic (on iron tabs) and am wondering if that might have a bearing on things - forgot to ask my doc.

What can I expect at the pre-surgery doo dah? Can someone hold my hand a bit please. Is it really as quick and easy as they say and is GA like blinking? I keep thinking that I'll go to sleep and never see my baby again. blush

TeaSippingPterodactyl Fri 09-Sep-11 11:32:46

Poor you! I had this two years ago after a bout of pancreatitis and honestly, it was a breeze! I was pretty scared and cried on the way to theatre, but the staff were so nice, held my hand while I went to sleep, and I came round again before I knew it.Post op was a bit tender and I needed plenty of rest. Try not to worry too much ( I know that's easily said!) It really is a very routine op And try to organise help with your baby for at least the first few days post op-you will not be able to lift, and will need cups of tea in bed!

BambinoBoo Fri 09-Sep-11 11:36:22

Thanks TeaSipping. My rational side keeps saying that it will be a breeze as I've not heard any horror stories but I will stress until it's done. By the way, my baby is almost 3. grin

PUMBA Fri 09-Sep-11 15:02:51

My ten year old had this done a couple of months ago . She was in hospital two days and out playing in the park by day five ... Her scars are tiny and she has fully recovered , no more pain or vomiting :-)

LittleBugsMum Sat 10-Sep-11 16:51:58

I had this done about 18 months ago after suffering THE worse pain since childbirth (might even have been worse but don't tell anyone...)

It was great, went home that evening after sleeping off the GA, took loads of painkillers and watched films in bed & slept for 24 hours. Now I have no trouble from it at all & can eat fatty foods again (Hmm, perhaps not the best part smile

I understand your anxiety though, I have a HUGE op coming up & have considered writing letters to my babies, just in case. Melodramatic much? See, it's not just you smile

Good luck.

gigglepin Sat 10-Sep-11 16:55:54

Pre op will just probably take bloods do MRSA swabs, ask you some health related questions, weight & height that kind of thing.

You will be fine, just tell yourself that you will no longer suffer from pain after its done as the source of the pain will be gone.

DaisySteiner Sat 10-Sep-11 17:04:45

As gigglepin said. They will definitely want to check your iron levels before surgery as they won't want to operate until your haemoglobin levels are normal.

I work in theatres and I would say virtually everybody is nervous before a GA (and a local, come to that!) Anaesthetics are extremely safe though, the chance of you not waking up is absolutely miniscule. There's something about theatres that just makes people worry though grin

People do sometimes wake up in a bit of pain after a lap chole, particularly in their shoulder. It should wear off fairly quickly, but don't be afraid to ask for pain relief if you need it. Much better to get on top of the pain as soon as it starts rather than try and put up with it until it's unbearable. You'll probably be done as a day-case although if your op is late in the day it's possible you'll be offered a bed for the night.

HTH. Good luck (but you won't need it wink!)

duende Sat 10-Sep-11 22:56:02

Hi, I had the op on the 30th of April. It was fine. I was surprisingly calm before but more sore than I expected afterwards. I'd say that the first 24 hours after the op were rougher than I thought but afterwards the recovery was quicker and better. Take all the pain relief offered, stay in the hospital overnight if you have the option to. I had the op done privately and they let me stay overnight, i was realy glad I did.
Make sure you take it easy for some time after. My DS was 20 months at the time and we tought him to get in his car seat by himself and slide down stairs on his bum so that I didn't have to do much lifting.

The pre-op app was only to take my details, family history, health information and bloods.

BambinoBoo Mon 12-Sep-11 08:01:11

Many thanks all. It is great to hear your positive experiences. Pumba's DC has put it into perspective for me I think and I should definitely stop fretting.

DaisySteiner Thank you too for giving me the inside view and confirming, as suspected, that my iron levels will have a bearing on things. I feel much better about the GA too and more prepared overall.

Gawd bless the mumsnet. Thanks again everyone.

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