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Eye drops - Now told not safe during pregnancy - any advice gratefully received!

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Twittle Thu 08-Sep-11 10:42:33

I have had dry, sore, itcy weeping eyes for just over a week now. I went to Boots chemists yesterday and was advised by the pharmacist that I could use 'Golden Eye' which contains Chloramphenicol I said I was pregnant (only 7 weeks) and was told that it was fine to use this eye ointment. I went back to another Boots this morning as I wanted to get the drops (the ointment is really difficult to apply) and was told by another pharmacist that she wouldn't have sold this ointment to me knowing that I was pregnant and that I should see a doctor. I only used the oinment 3 times and so I am probably being daft but I am also quite worried that what I have used may have some side effect on my baby and I am also quite upset that I was told that it was safe and have now been told it isn't! If any knows anything about using this eye ointment during pregnancy I would be grateful for some advice or what I can use, I am assuming that Optrex Eye wash is safe..... looks like I will have to make an appointment to see the Doctor otherwise.... thank you very much in advance!

Elibean Thu 08-Sep-11 17:27:49

Don't worry - an inexperienced or anxious pharmacist will tell you to see your doctor for anything at all you buy OTC, to cover themselves. I definitely had this when pregnant, as advised by a GP, and yes, Optrex is fine as well smile

Congratulations on your pg!

Twittle Thu 08-Sep-11 17:36:21

Thank you so much Elibean I feel a lot better knowing that you used it too!

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