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ACL and PCL knee surgery - has anyone had this done? How did you cope?

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KAP74 Thu 08-Sep-11 01:51:01

So in a nutshell had gestational diabetes during last pregnancy (son now 7 months old) was told by Diabetes consultant (literally an hour after my son was born) that I had to loose weight get down to my healthy BMI and exercise. This recommendation lead me to apply to do a council lead healthy living 10 week programme where in the first week I badly injured my knee doing a jump (fractured my tibia in 2 places and completely tore my ACL according to MRI scans).

Went to GP who referred me to Sports consultant who referred me to surgeon who I saw today. Upshot of appointment today is that he is worried about PCL as well and that I might have to have both ACL & PCL reconstructed using both hamstrings (ie left and right leg). I'm extremely worried about how I'm going to cope with the recovery if I have to have both ACL & PCL done. I have a 7 month old and a 2 1/2 year old at home and no immediate family to help out (all in Australia). DH thinks he might be able to take 3 weeks leave but is that going to be enough?

If I have PCL op surgeon said that I would be in a brace for 8 / 10 weeks and would be unable to carry kids up and down stairs. Total recover time 6 to 9 month. ACl is not so bad, would have movement much quicker. Its recommended that surgery takes place within 6 months of injury so I have till December.

I'm breastfeeding and have been told to breastfeed until DS is 14 months old due to the diabetes so that is also playing on my mind. I will be unable to easily hand him over to someone to look after due to this and don't want to compromise his future health by stopping BF.

I'm 3 months into the injury now and having weekly physio, knee feels unstable but I'm coping with everyday life. However actually running or making any quick movements is out of the question and I want to be able to do active things with my kids. My knee has given way twice since the injury so its not a everyday collapse situation.

I have 6kg to go to get to top end of my BMI.

Has anyone been through a similar experience and how did you cope? any tips?

Sorry for long post needed to get this out... feeling pretty upset at the moment and trying to get my head around the fact of not being able to do much for over two months with two small children.

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