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Massive reaction to wasp sting - advice please

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Krainy Wed 07-Sep-11 19:20:11

I got stung today for third time in about 6 weeks. The first sting came up the size of a saucer. The second sting, after about 30 mins, I came up with hives all over my body which reacted to anti histamines and had to get steroids after a few days to get rid of the sweliing at the site of the bite. The third sting today took place during my son's settling in session at nursery. Not good timing. I immediately took a double anti histamine dose as I had been told to carry them around with me in case of another sting. Then immediately I could feel the allergic reaction and ended up with large hives and red swollenareas on all my joints after about 20 mins. I went straight to the doctor and he was really mean to me. I had my daughter (2) and son (1) with me who i couldn't really contain properly as I started feeling so ill and panicky and when I started to well up he said why are you breathing like that, why are you crying. And I said I was panicking because I could feel all the swelling and itching all over my body and was doing short breaths. So he went to get me a soluble steroid which i took and he told me to go and get some camomile lotion and to not itch and to relax. So I went to sit in the car with the children who were asking me lots of questions about what was going on and I was trying to stay calm, and my face was all red and boltchy and my ears all red and swollen and I had red lumps all over my body which were really itchy. And even as I type now I am welling up and feeling really panicky about it all. I just wanted a bit of sympathy really as I have had a really tough day and have felt rubbish since then but the swellings have gone right down now. After we left the car park I went to Tesco as I thought I could get a snack box for the children and something for me to eat and I wandered around in a daze feeling rubbish and my throat felt tight. And I kept thinking is the medicine going to work or am I going to get worse. But I felt much better after lunch. I have got some steroids for my bag in case it happens again but i am wondering if I should go back and see my usual nice doctor and ask for an epi pen as I am really scared that if it happens again it is going to be really bad. Some advice would be really welcome. I am a bit upset, it was just so hard feeling so bad when I was looking after the children. Thanks.

Naoko Wed 07-Sep-11 19:30:16

I'm sorry to hear you had such an awful day, and I hope you feel a bit better now. Yes, I absolutely would go and see your normal, nice doctor. You'll be calmer, because you won't have just been stung and in charge of two confused and possibly slightly frightened young children, so you'll be able to explain your worries properly without that stress and time pressure of needing medicine immediately.

I would also mention - politely, of course! - how dismissive and unhelpful the other doctor was, once you've talked everything over and worked out a solution/plan for future stings with your own doctor. I'm sure they'd rather people said something than not know, if that's going on.

Krainy Wed 07-Sep-11 19:33:25

Thanks for the post. I feel better already having typed it out and I will make an appointment to go back. I forgot to say he asked me why I didnt avoid the wasp. Hm.

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