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talk to me about nausea

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sphil Tue 06-Sep-11 21:41:25

I am having no luck with googling!

About two or three times a month I feel sick - I never throw up, but just feel very nauseous. It's not linked to my cycle, but is possible triggered by certain foods. I've been keeping a food diary and the nausea sometimes appears to be triggered by wine, cheese, roast chicken, cream and once a lamb tagine! However, I don't get nauseous every time I eat/drink these foods, so not sure if it's anything to do with them.

I sometimes gets indigestion before the nausea, but not always. When the nausea is subsiding I sometimes get a slight gnawing feeling under my breastbone. I very occasionally get mild heartburn and IBS-like symptoms. The nausea is completely relieved by lying down and made worse by sitting bent forward or wearing a tight bra blush

Have wondered about gall bladder, but have no real pain.
Please tell me it's not just part and parcel of being 50!

Clara35 Tue 06-Sep-11 22:48:03

It's maybe indigestion of sorts as I had nausea for months & doctor treated it with tablets for stomach ulcer - lansoprozole or something like that. Never had classic heartburn but felt sick & had a heavy sort of feeling below breastbone. Was on tablets for 6weeks or more before it went.

sphil Wed 07-Sep-11 07:39:30

Thanks Clara - think I will go to drs. Just seems a bit daft when my symptoms are quite wishy washy.

Can I ask - did you have to have an endoscopy? I am stupidly terrified of this.

Elibean Wed 07-Sep-11 12:58:30

Go to the docs!

Could be helicobacter pylori (which is common and easy to treat, and is tested for without endoscopy - blood or spit, can't remember which!) or somesuch. It shouldn't be left untreated, so do go smile

If you do need an endoscopy at some point, just wanted to say I too was stupidly terrified about having one - to the point where I asked for a short acting General Anaesthetic, which (as I was going on insurance, privately) I got. If you are really terrified, and can't be reassured by the many MNers who will tell you its no big deal (as long as you take the sedation), you DO have the right to ask for a GA - the anaesthetist told me it wasn't unusual, as people do have phobias about things going down their throats.

But that said a) you may well not need one and b) if you do, I promise you everyone I know who has had one with sedation 'only' says they barely remember it and it wasn't painful at all.

Only I'm an utter wuss, so sympathise wink

Clara35 Wed 07-Sep-11 13:46:14

I didn't need endoscopy as the doc tried tablets first but that was the next step if tablets didn't work. Like you I was terrified of it. My symptoms were strange to describe too but the gp has heard them all before!

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