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Carpal tunnel steroid injection/op return of fine motor control

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Lizcat Tue 06-Sep-11 21:21:03

I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome today and I have searched the previous threads and found some great advice. Yes I have my anti-thyroid antibodies check every year for other reason so not Hypothyroid.
However, I am a vet doing quite a lot of surgery and return of very fine motor control is very important to me. So how long after either the steroid injection or the surgery did you get full fine motor control back.
The GP said that if I had the surgery he thought it would be 6 weeks before I would have enough fine motor control for surgery - as I own my own business this is not great news. I am also interested in the steroid injection as due to my schedule even with private health care I won't be able to fit in surgery till next year so the steroid looks like it could be a good holding pattern.
GP recommended steroid injection on Friday morning and I should be good to work on Monday if I rest over the weekend. I have read it is painful, but having had haematoma on hand drain without any anaesthetic drain whilst pregnant - this can challenge even oxytocin induced childbirth for pain - I reckon I can probably bear it.
Thank you in advance for you experiences. Oh yes I have quite considerable atrophy of thumb muscle if this makes a difference.

Thehusbandsatcricketagain Wed 07-Sep-11 21:02:15

I had the steroid injection in my hand that suffered severly with carpal tunnel,yes it did hurt but it was not so bad that I would say don't do it,it was bearable,have had more than one in different parts of body & when they work it is phenomenal.

I however had to still have surgery with mine as I could not turn light switches on or off or pull a plug out,but it was a permenant solution for me & nearly 20 years down the line that particular problem is still fine

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