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Trews Mon 05-Sep-11 02:14:08

I get coldsores..always have from a very young first sign I use Zovirax and that makes them go away or at least inhibit them.

I have developed a lump on the outer lips of my vagina (on the fleshy part) isn't like a cross between a spot and a blister. I m now worried that I've got genital herpes, transferred through oral (unprotected) sex after kissing. I've looked at loads of websites and the pictures seem to show very small blisters..and it doesn't look like these. It isn't tingly like I get on my lips, doesn't hurt...I thought it was a spot at first and put Oxy10 on it which seemed to reduce its swelling a little but not gone away. I m also worried as I seem to have swollen throat glands.

Can you have a first attack of genital herpes like this - ie. not small blisters, without it hurting?

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